Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Re-Cap: Boat races, bfast in bed and foodie goodness!

Weekend re-caps are nice, because you get to reminisce on all the wonderful things that happened over the two days off of normal schedules and laptops and driving, and nicely "black out" anything that may have been less than perfect.

My weekend started on Friday afternoon, as any normal weekend - flew home to bake some amazing double chocolate oreo/pb brownies (no picture because they were eaten too fast). Saw my long lost boyfriend AND got to go to a fancy date night with him at Petit Robert Bistro in the South End (no pictures again, simply because he boycotted pictures of him and documenting what we do - I am still working on him for that one).  Trust me it was good and delicious and we will definitely be back, to sit on the patio, and drink a bottle of wine in the sun (he promised at least).

Then because we were both sick (damn allergies and colds!) we went home to sleep before our big dry-sail regatta the next day (A.K.A Sam's birthday extravaganza).  There were boat races, shark kisses, shark piƱatas (probably not a good idea after the fact, but pretty darn fun at the time), good friends, good keg beer (Harpoon Summer :) ) and well, a good day drinking in the sun and celebrating a great guy! Pictures of this would have followed, but Facebook wasn't letting me steal the pictures :(

Onto Sunday, I don't know how Sunday got here so fast (could have been the 12 hours + I slept on Saturday night, but that is besides the point).  Sundays are bitter-sweet for me, It is my last day with my love for the week, but I also get to do things like this:

Muffin Top Creation

Yes that is breakfast in bed, which consisted of a fresh fruit salad and homemade muffin top, which I found here, and am thoroughly addicted to now.  What you must know about me, is I like to try/eat weird/interesting foods and I am impatient, which is why these pumpkin base chocolate muffin tops only take a few ingredients and total of 5 minutes (with prep AND "bake")!  I took this deliciousness (which I topped with pb and jam, because it did need a little kick in the flavor pop department) back to bed and Tripp and I indulged in bfast in bed, and a movie until 1:30 PM!! Another reason I love Sundays is that the time never seems to run out! We finally made it downstairs to go for a walk, because it was sunny and tempting looking outside...but about 2 seconds into our walk, I was reminded about my car, at the Honda dealership, in off to Brighton we T'd to retrieve my poor forgotten Honda (and the one responsible/productive thing I accomplished this weekend - 70k mile check-up, cars need physicals too).

All that T riding and car retrieving clearly made us hungry, so the logical next step was stopping at Flour bakery in Cambridge, because 1. Tripp had never been there and 2. their sticky buns are undeniable. We re-fueled with a sticky bun (yes dessert first), soup du jour, and a sandwich - and then were on our way....and it was still only 3:30 PM!! I don't know how we got all of that done in 2 hours, but I was happy this was a slow moving Sunday.  After watching a bit more TV we actually motivated for that walk, well motivated by the need for grilled pizza ingredients, which would count as our Sunday night snack/dinner.
Flour Bakery Sticky Bun Goodness (Source)
If you have never grilled a pizza before, right out on the open flame - you are missing out! It is not only extremely fun to think up your toppings and try to "shape" the dough, but it tastes that much better and you feel that much more satisfied by the work that went in and the masterpiece that comes out!

Grilled Pizza Masterpieces
These are easy and fun, and very versatile...

We had to make two because well I was craving mostly things Tripp does not enjoy (onions, figs, garlic, goat cheese) and he was craving pesto and chicken - which is no surprise, he is always craving pesto and chicken :)

Grilled Pizza

  1. Collect and prep whatever toppings you are craving ( I would limit to 5 or 6, because it gets too full/heavy to eat after that)
  2. Either make or buy dough (we buy whole wheat pizza dough from S&S)
  3. Lay out your dough to rise and start cooking toppings
  4. Turn on grill to medium heat to start the pre-heat process
  5. Spray a pan, or put down flour and shape your pizza dough (no particular shape is better than any other, no discriminating)
  6. Bring dough to grill, turn heat down low, and spray Grill with Pam or equivalent (low heat = less flame up of oil spray :) )
  7. Plop dough on heat and turn back to medium, close hood, and wait about 3-5 minutes
  8. Flip dough, grill for another 2-3 minutes and then remove onto pan 
  9. Apply toppings (in w/e order pleases you, everyone is unique)
  10. Return to grill for another 8-10 minutes (or until cheese is melted/browned) and remove from heat to cut and enjoy (with a glass of red wine ;) )!

I am off to be productive on this sunny Monday and think about my run on the bike trail later on!! I might even have a friend this time!!
Tripp's Pesto, Chicken & Mozz

My Caramelized onions, fig, pear & goat cheese

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Newport here I come! Oh, and a new "diet" plan

So, I did it! I signed up for my first marathon, my first 26.2 big ones! How do I feel? Well it's too far away for any nervousness or sick feeling, so I feeling freakin fantastic!! I want to go and run it now, like tomorrow, that is how excited I am! What was the big race?! The Amica Newport, RI Marathon
Why did I wait so long to sign up? And why did I pick a fall (October 16, 2011 to be exact) when I clearly am so amped to try one?! Well here are a few of my reasons for this decision (because who doesn't need a little validation for such BIG decisions?!)

  1. Location: I don't have to go very far, in fact I can drive there in less than 2 hours. There is no jet-lag, elevation, or extreme different climate issues to acclimate to the day before or of the race.
  2. Boston: The Amica Newport Marathon is an official Boston Qualifier (it so promptly shouts it on the homepage of their site)
  3. Speed of Course: Which ties into the Boston reason, although it is bad practice to have an ideal goal time for your first marathon (or any first ig race for that matter - whether it be 5k, 1/2 marathon, or ultra) - it is supposed to be one of the faster courses on the qualification list (its no Utah, with a consistent decline the whole race, but hey what do you expect in New England?!)
  4. Weather: This, in New England especially, is a tricky one.  Now I ran the 1/2 here last year, same weekend, and the weather was perfect! A little chilly, but not too cold, lower wind than you would expect next to the ocean and no RAIN!! This could be a factor day of race this year, but it only motivates me to go out and train in whatever climate I may face day of "long run training", you can't predict the weather!
  5. Familiarity with Course: Now this one should have probably been a little higher, but I am not too too picky with unfamiliar terrain when I am running with a pack of thousands....alone is a whole nother story!  I am pretty familiar with this route, I am in Newport at least twice a summer with Tripp and the sailing crew for regattas, and keep myself busy running portions of the route during that time.  I also ran the half last year, so I have the first 13.1 miles ingrained in my head :)
  6. My finishing strides at the 2010 Newport Half
  7. Friendly Faces: I will be running this at the same time with at least 1, maybe 2 of my friends (both of which are running the Cape Relay with me next week - can you believe it is only 1 week away?!) - therefore, I will have someone to hug and cry with after the race and friends and family along the route to cheer us one (more friends that run with me = more friends that will be there to root us on, simple equation :)
Now that I have sufficiently defended my decision to sign up for this particular race at this particular time....onto my only plan - as I have mentioned previously I am no good at cross-training! I have a slight fear of over-training and hurting myself...just saying, I tend to compete against everyone and everything, including myself...

I have realized this is a good fear to have, because it means there is a level of awareness that this could happen and this is a tendency of mine...and I don't want to end up like my blogger idol HungryRunnerGirl as one of my friend's so nicely pointed out last night, there are perfect examples of ways to untrain...
Source  I just loved this guy's picture and couldn't resist

So since i have done two 7+ mile runs since Monday, I believe it is time to start this "needing to do more than just running everyday", I am going to attempt one of my gym's classes tonight and see how that goes, I believe the 5:30 class is Zumba (which I have in fact tried, and I am not so sure I am cut out, but hey give it a try right?! I mean if Jessica Simpson can cut 20lbs using Traci Anderson's dance method, I sure as heck can get some fitness results from Zumba)

Now that I have sufficiently described my fitness environment at the moment...on to the fueling....

I have been attempting this Pescatarian diet, cutting meats out and focusing on only fish and vegetarian meals) I call it is "diet", because I have learned to consider "diets" described as a way of eating and way of life - not a restriction or limiting plan.  I have gone through countless "diets" that involved cutting out and cutting back, all summed up into deprivation.  This is my attempt to eat cleaner, not take away.  Now, I am not saying that I am never going to eat meat again, that is just silly to me.  I am solely trying to cleanse my food choices, and expand my food horizons - i love seafood, and i love funky new things - so why not dedicate some more days a week to tofu and tempeh?! I have made it four days so far without my beloved chicken or turkey (if you may have noticed my two meal pics from Monday - Tilapia - Tuesday - Tofu). 

Tonight I will be enjoying some turkey in one of my favorite forms, turkey tacos, with two of my besties.  I am extra excited about this because we will be indulging in these (and some wine of course) at one of their condos just purchased! I will have to document this expedition, so stay tuned!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter re-cap and a profound running revelation

So I know I missed a day, and I am a bit torn up about it, I must admit...but as my previous posts explained, I have been sick and a little run down.  So now after some R&R and a good long run last night, I am starting to feel a bit more human and hey I owe you a post or two by now!

Easter was interesting, but a great day with a great family and then some.  After I left off from the blog, I finally showered for the day and put on my pretty clothes :) I love to dress up, but don't do it nearly enough!  Once my Mom and little sister got back from church (which if you remember, I was told it was best to stay home) and dug right in with the rest of the Easter traditions - which at 12:04 pm started promptly with a bottle of Chianti Classico Reserva and a half loaf of Auntie Ida's cheese bread and a half a loaf of Mrs. Nataloni's cheese bread.

Momma and me dunking (cheese bread) away
After a bottle of wine and some dinner prep, we were pooped, so it was nap time until the rest of the fam showed up (Auntie Denise, cousins Mae and Timmy and a new edition, little Harry - new family dog).  There is no pic of this, because well I was passed out too quickly to take one.

My family loves me, that is why they let me interrupt
this scrumptious dinner to take this pic
 Dinner was fantastic per usual, my parents' cooking has always been one of my favorite reasons to go home! **Side note - one of my favorite thing about holidays, is being able to bring out and actually use the good china!

After an amazing sampling of every dessert on the table, I hung around a little too long with my Mom and then headed back to Boston around 9:30 PM (thank goodness I took a second nap after dinner and dessert!) and got to bed around 12:30 (not too good for a sick girl)

Look at how big that asparagus is!! I couldn't resist showing you!
Monday passed by like a lost day, until...6:30 pm hit....not only was this the moment I left work (finally!) but this is when I made the decision to try the Lexington bike path for the 1st time! I changed at the gym and was going to try for a 3 mile loop, no matter how long it took (unless I stopped being able to breathe due to this darn cold)...well let me tell you! I started out down Hartwell to get to the path....legs heavy, sluggish, slow...but then it was like a miracle - I hit the pavement of the bike path and it was like a weight was lifted! I started gliding down the path, with a faint fear of being abducted and no one really knowing, but more so of peace...the zen I can rarely seem to catch with running (I like the endorphins after, not so much the time during).  I just kept running and running until I found people, people biking, people walking, people jogging (no worries Tripp, no roller-bladers), and the feeling only got stronger - I was invincible! Although I had a slight fear it was going to get dark on me while I was out on the path, so I turn at about 3.5 miles and headed back...that's right I did 7 full miles, and in one of my best times - 52 minutes!! So what was so profound about this run you may ask, usually I am a little anxious and not entirely ecstatic during runs - being out there, all I could think was "I am in one of the only places I could stop, and no one would know, but all I keep wanting to do is go faster!" It was so peaceful and satisfying! My slowest split was a 7:30, my fastest, 6:20....and today?! I felt a little stuffy, but other than that, fantastic! So I went home, made myself some delicious raspberry glazed (did you pick up yet that I am in love with this marinade?! Drew's Raspberry Salad Dressing ) tilapia with some green beans, roasted red potatoes and a giant stem of purple asparagus!

Need to perfect my tofu making, any good recipes/directions welcome!
I got in my Tuesday boot camp and then headed home, instead of the usual 2 - 3 miles on the treadmill or elliptical (still trying to re-coupe remember), finally cashed Tripp's rent check from last month, and made myself a healthy little brocolli and tofu dinner (yes that is a mix of mustard and ketchup behind the brocolli :) - gotta love those sauces).  The one negative of my evening? My brand new Ahnu minimalist sneakers are already coming apart, and I have only worn them three times!!:( So, I am going to write a little email to Ahnu and finish this yummy dinner up with a leftover Easter brownie and call it a night!

Poor Shoe :( Although the picture doesn't show too well,
the front rubber is popping off
 What's your favorite pair of shoes?

My favorite would have to be my beatun up Old Navy black flippy floppies - old but so nice to know it is warm enough to have those on

What do you like better, ketchup or mustard?

I like them both so much, I don't really know, but I think I use mustard more (honey is my favorite, but I also love spicy brown or beer mustard)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thunder Thighs, Boston B's and oh yes... Happy Easter!!

Being a little under the weather and all, which was tough with how awful the weather was yesterday to be under that, but success. I'm still not 100%, but its Easter, so I figure I will have enough sugar to kill anything negative I might be feeling.

Is it bad you can tell my 15 year old sister helped me pick
out my clothes by the titles on the bags?
Yesterday, due to the weather circumstances and state if my closet, I took the little sis out shopping, instead of a run. 5 hours, an excessive # of bags and a very empty wallet later...(is it the 30th yet?!) we had a very successful shopping trip. Now you must know I deem it successful because I came out of it with a new pair of jeans - which was my one and only goal. The fact that it took me until the last store and came after countless other purchases can be looked over, because I found a pair that fits and that is all that matters. Oh, and my sister and I found matching sweaters, which is obviously a winner for the day!

Taryn couldn't hold back her "excitement" when I told
her I wanted her in the next picture...

Why was a pair of jeans my one and only goal might you ask? Well my whole life I have had these things attached to my legs that most people refer to as "thunder thighs" - they were at their peak when I was heavy into gymnastics (the fact that my only really good event was floor/tumbling might have had some correlation), and now that I am running more and attending these thigh/butt busting boot camps, they are showing in all fury once again.  About two weeks ago, they really ticked me off, causing me to, dare I say it, rip my favorite and irreplaceable pair of jeans!!  Now these are irreplaceable because well - the store close down a year ago...RIP Martin & Osa

Taryn and I in our matching sweaters :)
Yes I made my Dad learn how to use a picture
phone to take this, no it wasn't pretty
Thunder Thighs are an important thing I believe all women, including myself, need to learn to not necessarily love, but live with and accept.  If you remember my trainer told me that my legs consisted of only quads, well duh! Thunder Thigh Queen obviously has dominating quads! They are the strength that has propelled me through countless floor routines, endless attempts at pole vault and long jump, quick bursts of speed on the field hockey field, and now my current running endeavours....the only thing I can do is thank them for their service and find pants that suite them, not suffocate them.

Onto the B's!! What an incredible game 5!! Tim Thomas was a hero in the goal, deflecting Montreal's heat one puck at a time...Although I didn't get to sit in the stands for this one (as you remember my Dad had teased me with the other day) I sure screamed and jumped up and down like I was there out in the woodroom (if you don't know what a "woodRoom" is, you haven't lived - it is one of those pure comfort from childhood type of places, where you could curl up for hours on end and forget about everything else going on around you)...onto the B's...Double OT got me feeling the butterflies like when I used to be out on the field hockey field going into sudden death...made me a little nervous though when the announcers kept saying how tired the teams looked...5 minutes into the 1st OT! But they persevered and now the Bruins and Canadians will travel back up to Montreal to battle out Game 6! Here is one of those "stay tuned"...

Because I was ill, I stayed in and watched this game instead of going out dancing with my hometown girls, making me feel slightly old, slightly sluggish, but happy this morning that I don't have a raging headache to add to this cough and nose thing...
Taryn's Easter Basket this year..tear

So this morning, EASTER MORNING!! I woke up and realized I am actually old - my Easter basket was not at the foot of my bed, like it always was in the past; instead, I received it on Thursday, at work, in a 5 x 7 postal box....oh the days I got a huge basket with make up and candy and randomness!  Well today I woke up, contemplating showering and instead went to the kitchen to start in on my eating festivities of the day. I topped off a hearty breakfast (whole wheat english muffin, pb, honey, cinnamon and banana - a staple for me, sounds funny but it is absolutely delish, you should try it!) with a piece of a dark chocolate bunny head, totally normal. 

RIP Choc Bunny....I am not sorry

I would say this glorious Easter morning (which it really is! The sun burned through the fog and they say it's supposed to be around 60 today!) the best/worst conversation occurred.  Preface conversation:  I am a catholic elementary school graduate, have had my 1st communion and am confirmed in the catholic church - but I have not been so close to the church for the past couple of years...I went through some stuff, the church went through some stuff, and I am sure one day we will go through some stuff together, but today is not it.
My mother, who has finally come home from pieland at Randall's (long story short, every holiday Randall's goes through an excessive amount of pie orders - in the thousands - and that is my mother's baby...pieland), back to the story...she comes in and is getting ready to head to church (early! Which if you grew up knowing my family, we don't do things early, we run on our own time...Marquis time...and everyone, including the church, has come to expect that from us). I asked her if it would be alright if I stayed home and helped my Dad get ready for Easter dinner (which is at 2 PM, so it's not considered dinner in my book, but that is a whole nother story)....she responds..."I would prefer that actually, I am not ready to see the church walls fall in on us this year". So there you have it, my mother thinks I am unholy and deemed a danger to the Catholic church....Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have a fabulous day!

What is your process to eating a chocolate bunny?

Whether hollow or solid, I always go for the head first....I sadly figure if I get the head out the way, the bunny won't feel the rest of the pain as I eat it....yes, I know choc bunnies are not real, but I was never allowed to have pets, so it is as real as it gets to me...

What is on your Easter menu?

we are cooking up some Boars Head honey baked ham, green beans and sweet potatoes, asparagus, red bliss potatoes, cauliflower pie (can't wait to try this, mom's creation), and bread for dinner....a lemon cake with lemon icing and blackberries and a strawberry rhubarb pie for're jealous, I's OK :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Disgruntled diners, tickly cold, and April (snow) Showers

Good morning - or early afternoon for you early risers! Yesterday was one of those so lazy I don't really remember what I did ten minutes days, where seconds roll into minutes and minutes into hours and then you find yourself dozing in traffic on your way to Western Mass...well *home* for me at least (sadly I had a picture of the wonderful mass pike traffic, but it failed to send to my comp).  I did, however, fit in a work from home day AND a 32 minute run - at a 7:20 pace, so I didn't chalk it up to a whole waste of a day!

Taking a pit-stop at Randall's Farm, a necessity if you are ever passing by exit 7 on Mass Pike - or are in need of a farmstand-insane bakery/deli-homemade icecream-and a bottle of wine fix....yes that was a plug for my family's farm, but REALLY - it is worth every last second of a stop!

So after I stopped and saw my Grammy, Aunts, and Mommy :) I picked up some essentials for Easter dinner on Sunday and headed North to Greenfield - still fending off drowsiness and imagining my comfy old bed...

After hellos and hugs from the little sis and Dad, everyone kind of went and did their own thing, normal, but reconvened about 30 minutes later (8:30 PM by now) and started biting each other's heads off, no more nice nice when the Marquis family is hungry...ironically, we were fighting over what to do for dinner :)

Now I haven't been feeling so hot the past couple days, and I went to my parents house to relax and be treated like im 5 again, not the case - I finally manned up, grabbed the phone and a take-out menu and called up the trusty China Gourmet restaurant - aka semi-decent sushi and not half-bad chinese take-out in Greenfield.

The thing I never realize when ordering Chinese, is that the words that come out of your mouth when placing order, never match the massive amount of food you are taking home after they are through filling that order.  I had enough sushi, seaweed salad, miso soup and a moo shoo chicken wrap to last me through the two episodes of American Idol I powered through after dinner - and of course a fortune cookie for dessert!  Aptly enough, my fortune cookie read "A pleasant experience is ahead; don't pass it by" - so pretty much, I am really excited to see what that experience might be (Tripp did mention wanting to take a vacation soon :)).
As I mentioned, I haven't been feeling too hott, one of those nagging, tickly type colds and some sniffles (cue pic of my crashing on couch during American Idol repeats last night).  Well today, I woke up, in my comfy childhood bed and looked out the window, expecting a beautiful sun shining day to make me feel better (don't ask why - just felt it should have been) - and saw snow....SNOW!!! It is April people, the end of April at that! Easter is tomorrow - you know beautiful pastels, blooming flowers and a delectible SPRING feast?!!  Well not in Greenfield I suppose, but darn-it if I can control, we WILL have a spring feast :) and I will be wearing my Easter outfit skirt! So now I am cuddled up with hot tea, my mom's sweats (I only packed for spring weather...woops!) and contemplating hitting up the mall (since I won't be heading back to Boston for the Bruins Game 5!! Which my dad teased me with tickets about last night...mean man!).  Today I am going to not try to run in the snow (as I packed for 50 degree cloudy or sunny weather, not this) and instead walk aimlessly around the Holyoke Mall for hours trying to get some new pants that fit over these ever-growing quads and maybe some dancing out with hometown girlfriends this evening :) Have a happy Satuday everyone and hope it isnt as cold and wet as it is here!!

SNOW in April!! Next to Easter baskets, just not right!

Friday, April 22, 2011

A bottle of vino, Matzo, and a botched workout

So last night, in an attempt to keep up with my PT RX, I tried to sneak a workout 25 minutes.  There will be no picture of this, because about 3/4 of the way through this semi-intense home-set - I realized my roommate was home, and was thoroughly freaked out by the banging going on upstairs (Tripp is gone people, don't get any ideas).  I got in only two sets of everything before I had to shower up and head out for dinner, but it consisted of something like this:

  • warm up: 100 high knees, 100 jumping jacks
  • 12 burpees with push-ups (have to get to that 50/day!)
  • 25 squat jumps
  • 50 mountain climbers
  • 10 up & down stairs runs
  • 100 crunches
  • repeat all above 1x
  • extra 5 tricep working push-ups (think diamond hands) - to make my 50/day! (I started my day with 20 push-ups and 100 crunches)
  • extra 100 crunches - to make my 400/day
Now typing this out makes it seem a lot more productive than it felt at the time, so I am going to give myself a little pat on the back, as I sit here contemplating what I will do for a run today.

On to group of friends try to do at least 1 dinner together a month.  Last year, a couple of them decided it would be a great idea to host a Passover dinner, to share their culture - the food, the prayers, the wine! We all hands down agreed this was a must, and why hadn't it happened earlier!  

Take two on the shot...good looking group
Last night was year 2 of passover with friends, but we were missing a key participant - he is Tripp's sailing partner, so inevitably he got Tripp and Wendy's, I got a great group of friends, food and wine), so we refrained from the prayers and steps involved with eating dinner/drinking your wine (which is a nice touch, because you not only learn a little about the religion/holiday, but you also really slow down your food intake, which is healthy right?) Anyways....back to the food! We had a chicken baked with soup nuts and apricot marmalade, salmon baked in white wine, sweet potato fries (can't have bread, so this was our starch - and a personal fave), brocolli and a mixed salad.  All in all a great meal - that was only complete with the fantastic flourless chocolate torte (with homemade choc mousse - wish i took a pic!) and vanilla ice cream to top it off (oh yeah, there was some fruit on the side).  This was all washed down by some delicious white wine and a small taster of dessert red (4 glasses = some, right?).

So after a bottle of wine in my gut, more torte than I thought I could consume at that point, and a T to catch before it turned into a pumpkin at midnight (yes Boston public transport) - I just receieved the icing on the cake - a whole, unopened box, of Almond NutThins!!!! Although I do not follow a Gluten Free diet (should probably look into incorporating that in at some point) - these are one of my FAVORITE crackers, next to Triscuits of course! 

I would give my night, after scaring my roommate and slightly embarassing myself, an A+...I had my friends, wine, and amazing food - plus I fit in a little sweat in the process - and, as it is Earth Day and all, I took the T and stayed green :)

Traveling back to Greenfield (home) tonight for Easter weekend - so hopefully I will cook up something good to chat about and share! Stay tuned...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Es lo que hay

When I lived in Barcelona a few years ago, I heard this saying from a local friend - "es lo que hay" - "it is what it is". This quickly became one of my favorite quotes, one that really helps me come back down to earth when everything seems to be falling apart (plus it sounds even better when you say it in a different language!)

When times are tough, get a
fruity fun drink :)
Have some playground fun
Meditate in beautiful surroundings

Last night really made me start thinking about this quote and my time abroad. My boyfriend , who I have been extremely lucky to have around the last week and a half, left again for over a week. Now this might not sound so drastic, but what you need to know is that he is gone Monday - Thurs every week for work and now he is embarking on a new project that will take away our Thursday night too. But then I step back and think "es lo que hay"! I will still get to see him almost every weekend and during the week I get the chance to set my own schedule for workouts and meals and me time.

Raspberry Lemon Glazed Salmon
with brocolli and carrot,wild brown rice and corn

Now last night I took full advantage of falling back into this no-Tripp weeknight and ran an extra 4 miles, spent too much time at the grocery store and made a fantastic (if I do say so myself) dinner at 9 pm - because I could.

Wednesday nights are dedicated to my LUNA Chix runs, an amazing group of girls I had the privilege to join this season. We do everything in support of the Breast Cancer Fund, which unlike most cancer research foundations working to cure breast cancer, the BCF works to research prevention of breast cancer. So each Wednesday we run 3.4 miles at whatever pace you are feeling like that night - there is always a group of us at a quick, avg, and slower pace. The main point of these runs are to get women out running and moving while informing them about the BCF. My picture shows my cold red nose and winter running jacket, yes it IS mid- April and still in the 40's! Es lo que hay!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Honeymoon Phase and Cross-Training

So I would definitely say my blogging is in Honeymoon phase, as in I can't stop thinking about my next post and what new things I can share.  The caveat with honeymoons is that they are temporary, and I am not planning on stopping this anytime soon.

So onto the cross-training - as in pretty much non-existent in my training routine (which heavily consists of running and a few boot camp sessions a month).  I have a few goals this spring to improve my workout routine and expand my horizons past running.

  1. Sign up for (and follow through with) a Spin Class
  2. Maintain a consistent strength training routine (even if it starts with just push-ups and crunches)
  3. Swim more (up my endurance, upper body and core work)

I know the list is a little small, but I believe in steps, be it baby steps or strides, to accomplishing goals.  These goals will not only improve my endurance, strength and toning, but maybe I could add a triathalon into the mix of Horizons Hunting.

So tonight was one of my regular Tuesday night bootcamp sessions at the BSC near work, 55 minutes of pushing sand bags, jumping jacks with a barbell, lateral jumps over a stacked bench, sweat....bliss

Post Bootcamp shower or not to shower...
I have this problem with cross training where I don't believe that something that doesn't involve a heightened heart rate, heavy breathing and excessive sweat is true exercise....hence my trouble branching out from running, boot camp, or hot yoga.

Looking to expand my strength training routine to something more personal and challenging, I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of a complimentary "fitness level" evaluation last week - ouch, not so much!  The trainer pretty much told me "Your upper body needs some work, your core is weak and your legs consist of only quads".  Cue in RX: 400 crunches, 50 push ups, 50 pull ups, 50 calf raises....daily for 3 weeks! So my body has been screaming about this more than actually accomplishing, but I am proud to say I have done some variation of this 5 out of the last 6 days (progress :) )

So in three weeks I might have an update on strides rather than baby steps...I am sure you will find out (along with my pocket).

No picture of the refuel, as there was no delish way to show leftover rice and swordfish w/ a side of frozen peas :) - can you say "grocery shopping time?!"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Running on Empties

No I am not sluggish and in need of a mid-afternoon caffeine boost - In a couple weekends I will tackle 189 miles of Massachusetts soil by foot at a predictive 7:30 pace in about 27 hours or helps to mention that I will have 11 other teammates helping me along with this adventure and hopefully a hole growler of homebrew to myself to re-fuel.

I think the strangest part of this crazy race for me, is that I did the same one a year ago - that's right, I am signed up again for the 13 Cape Relay from Quincy to P*Town.  Why might you ask would I want to enjoy yet again the raging cape-codder headache, a hip I almost sawed off myself, not to mention only 2 hours of half-sleep in 30 hours time...I also gained some great new friends and a new found love for running (remember pain is temporary, but those damn endorphins are addictive and last a lifetime - the need at least).

Last year I accomplished this interesting, yet scenic race with a team by the name of "Red Eye Running" - appropriate, as we were running through the night and getting little to no sleep in the exhausting process.  Although I am sad to say I am leaving this awesome team (yes we were twelfth out of the 200 + teams and I believe in top 3 for co-ed teams), but this year an former-red eye runner and myself decided it would be too cool to get a group of our sailing friends drunk and agree to forming a team of our own to add to the field of over 200 teams.

What better name for a group of young athletes, than an ever fueling "Running on Empties".  My idea for the name was to also have a rule that went along with the name to chug a beer after each leg and add it to the chain of empties dragging behind the van (that's right, just married style), but that last tidbit got vetoed (I am still vying for the chain of empties tied to the back of the van, we just wont have to necessarily add to it during the race).  Either way, I am really excited to see how this all shakes out and surely provide updates before, perhaps during, and after.  2 vans, 12 mixed bag athletes, some bagels and goo....stay tuned!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Horizon hunting

So I have sat here for the past two weeks saying I want to start a blog and after sitting around all weekend and not accomplishing this, I have decided that tonight is the night to start. This could have come after spending an unmentionable amount of time at the end of my workday zoning out to my new favorite blog, or that today is marathon Monday and i felt as though I should be doing something spectacular and accomplishing too. The fact is - I love to talk about practically everything to anyone who will listen. Some people might call it annoying, I call it personable, excitable and informative.

Another reason I attribute to being a chatty Cathy is that I get bored, very very easily, which is why every couple of months I look for my next big thing and right now I find myself horizon hunting once again. I need to get to the next big accomplishment and crush it, but what that is, I guess I'm still deciding, which for those of you that know me, is probably my worst trait (queen indecisive right here- I could take 25 minutes after pre-scanning the menu to decide on my order, and STILL eat everyone else's food at the table).

So what's the next horizon I want to tackle?

The cape 200 mile relay and signing up for 1st marathon (which I would love to do sooner, but there is this little thing called training). Running has become a newer found passion that I am more and more eager to explore and will be writing more about throughout posts.

So since I'm hungry and have a prescription of some crazy number of push ups and crunches from my trainer to get done before the bruins and dinner - I am taking my leave.

I will be keeping up with posts as long as my attention span holds up ad hopefully giving some good reads in the process.

Stay tuned!