Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thought I forgot? Feeling the racing love and compassion...

I know you were all anxious to see what the big decision over my mid-marathon training half marathon would it it YukanRun?! Well, after some great input from you guys and my running buddy Emma (who will be running with me, or would it be, I am running with her?) the decision landed on...

Drum Roll Please - What cart system did Bob choose?
After much deliberation (and if you follow me on FB or Twitter or have noticed my sidebar widget, you may already know), we picked the Cape Ann YukanRun Half Marathon.  There were several driving factors, including:
  • Date of race: August 14th - about 6 weeks into marathon training, and a great time to check progress on training
  • Location: Rockport, MA - less than an hour from Boston 
  • Price: $45, not too shabby for the price halves have been running
  • Course: out and back along the water (honestly not sure of hills, they don't have an elevation map on the site)
  • BONUS: Tripp ensures me the town is cute and beachy (which he knows I love) with cute shops, small roads and pretty beaches - hang out after the race? ok!
I am excited to test out my fitness and training progress during this race and was already getting a little anxious, knowing I still only have 12 more weeks until Newport! 
In addition to a half marathon, I have also just signed up for a 5k right here in Boston that is being run for an awesome cause that my friend and fellow LUNA chick, Jessie, made me aware of.  I was flipping through my Twitter feed and caught my eye on this:
I looked up the foundation and details of the race, and quickly replied that I would love to participate!  I joined her team (the Pinball Wizards - one of his favorite hobbies!) quickly after, and set up my personal page to share with my friends and family.  

On September 17th I will be participating in the MMRF Race for Research, running with team Pinball Wizards in honor of a dear friend's uncle.  As the world's number-one funder of multiple myeloma research, the MMRF has raised over $170 million to fund research worldwide. 

You may be wondering, what is Multiple Myeloma?
Multiple Myeloma is a cancer in the plasma cells of the bone marrow, which causes tumors to form on areas of solid bone.  This also makes it harder for the bone marrow to create healthy blood cells and lowers the immune system.  With MM, there is increased susceptibility to anemia, unexplained broken bones and bone pain, and abnormal bleeding.

MM affects about 4 in every 100,000 people, showing to be more common in older aged men and twice as common in blacks than it is in whites.  The prognosis is only 3 to 4 years! However, with advanced treatment, this could be increased to 5 to 7 years.  

Those affected, and those who may develop the disease, deserve a chance to live a long, pain-free life, so please help me, and our team, Pinball Wizards, to support the research, prevention of and cure for Multiple Myeloma.  You can donate securely on my personal donation page, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

You can help donate to this amazing cause by clicking on here - every little bit helps, even if you just click to find out more about the MMRF and how you might be able to help!  I thank you in advance for your generosity and support.
Have you ever run a charity race? Did you run it on a team or solo?

This will be my first! I am really excited to be taking part in this!

Do you know anyone with Multiple Myeloma or who has suffered from Multiple Myeloma?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You asked...I answered!

Thank you all for the questions and curiosity you have shown towards me...I hope I can satisfy all of those burning questions you have been waiting to get answered!

The lovely Julia (who tagged me for this game! I love tag!) asked:

  • If you could run any race, which would it be and why? 
    • Easy...I would run Boston - because it is my hometown, it is my version of "making it" in running and "I love that dirty water" (j/k - Beantown joke)
  • Favorite childhood tv show or character? 
    • haha this is tough - but I will go with Punky Brewster...I had the mismatched EVERYTHING - I will try to salvage a pic one of these days 
  • Where would you live (or visit) if you could live/visit anywhere in the world?
    • I would live in Spain, because I am obsessed with the culture, sites, proximity to the rest of Europe, diversity, language, food, music, cultures...
    • I would visit Fiji, because well I want to stay in a hut on the beach and the picture says it all really
Awesome Lindsey (she lives in Tanzania!!) asked:
  • How and why did you get into running? What was the hardest part for you and what was the easiest?
    • This is a tough one and one I am going to write a post on when I get the guts, but I will give it to you short here...since the age of 4 when I started gymnastics and youth sports, I have always "run", but not always enjoyed was always running for pre-season, running at practice, running to earn my spot on the field hockey field, sprints for tumbling in gymnastics, sprints to propel me over the pole vault college I got pretty sick and I got into running because I thought it would make me, skinnier, more noticeable, and improve my field hockey game...I went into it for all the wrong reasons mentally, but I did fall in when I got healthy, I still had my keep me sane, grounded, competitive (when college field hockey was over), fit (in a healthy way), happy
    • Hardest part...motivation and realizing I won't be winning the big races...I come from gymnastics, where I medalled almost every meet, and field hockey where I went to the final four and championships almost every year....running is more of a solitary sport that I am not the best at, or even close!
    • Easiest: the ease of the sport...yes there is picking out the right shoes and putting in the speedwork and miles, but I can lace up, and run out of the house for 15, 25, 55, or 2:55 minutes and accomplish something (big or small) each time...
  • You can only have one kind of fruit for the rest of your life - what would you choose?
    • Another toughy! I would have to go with long as it was ripe and in season :)

The intriguing Vanessa (she has lived all over the place and done some pretty amazing things!) asked:
  • What does DEM stand for? Name, initials--I always wondered but thought maybe I was just missing it somewhere?
    • It is not a silly question at all! It is my initials :) Danielle Elise Marquis - fun fact...I didn't know my middle name until the third grade....didn't know to ask!
  • And if you could't run, what would be your next favorite form of exercise?
    • My next favorite form of exercising, if I couldn't run (I assume this rules out field hockey :( ), would have to be hiking...I don't do it enough, but I like to move with my legs, I am no good at swimming, the bike can't keep my attention, and I love Pilates and yoga, but I also like to get out and see new things and constantly be moving
I want to thank these ladies so so much for sending in their burning questions! Hope you all enjoyed the little Q & A game, I know I did...really makes you think!!  If you didn't get a chance to ask me a question and you are just bumming that you missed it - don't worry, leave me a comment or shoot me an email with the questions you are interested and getting answered!
A few for all of you!

Where is the most exotic place you have been (could be your backyard!)

Can you speak a second, third, fourth... language, if so, what are they?!

I lived in Spain for 6 months during college and was pretty fluent in Spanish...not so hot now :)

Were you surprised by any of my answers? Please don't click "stop following!" I was trying to be honest!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marathon Training Pan, Week #4 ...singing in the rain

So I just want to say thank you and welcome to the new followers (and of course all of you who have been with me from the start) for joining me on this journey or running, training, eating and living :) I hope you are enjoying!
A little disclaimer on this upcoming week of looks too similar to last week - I know!! I need to branch out a little and I promise, next week will be more diverse, but here it goes...
Week #4 in Marathon Training:
Some notes on this week's training plan:

  • tempo run was a little unexpected last night - it was so cool and a bit rainy last night so I ran more of a negative split in the form of:
    • 1 mile warm up (7:40)
    • 3 mile tempo (7:23, 7:16, 6:56 - so surprised by this!!)
    • 1 mile cool down (8:29) 
  • long run is planned for 18-miles, but I will be at a regatta for Tripp, so I might run 14 with a fellow Newport marathon runner (trusty friend Chris) and then try to tack on 4 more miles solo while they prep for the sailing race - we shall see how that goes)
  • Yoga is making a re-emergence this week (hopefully) - I figure, if it is on the schedule, I will feel guilty missing it - especially now that I have a deal coupon for $20 for 5 sessions at my fave yoga studio, Karma Yoga South End!!
Above I said my tempo run was a little rainy - when in fact there was a complete downpour and wind surging at mile 1.8 (yes I looked at my Garmin to take note of the exact timing of this).  I was needless to say soaked, but I honestly loved every.single.moment of it! It was 68 degrees....wait you mean, no, I mean 68...for once Boston was allowed a heat and humidity break and it was actually chilly...a little bit...

Funny how just Sunday I was running the second half of my long run in a sports bra, and yesterday I was worried that a T-Shirt and shorts wouldn't be enough...but anyways...the exciting part, was that even though I was running lows 7's and even a sub-seven...I could still talk, which means I wasn't at my exertion max, which means, gasp...I need to push harder on speed work?!

The truth is...I wasn't running with anyone, so my talking ability, was actually my singing out loud...yes, I was literally singing in the rain...not the actual song, but I believe it was a bit of Britney or Rihanna, and a little mix of Barenaked Ladies (my iPod would rock a mix radio station off it's rocker)

Needless to say, it was both a satisfying and entertaining run....and the first one I wasn't worried about water intake or heat exhaustion or lead a long, long time!
Not to inundate you with a super-long post, I thought I would add in some non-exercise-induced highlights of the weekend, because, well, I had a super relaxing, laid back time and I want to share it with you all :)

Friday evening was two friends from home's birthdays...they are twins...and they are also part of my "girls night crew" from high school, and some of my closest friends, that I don't get to see nearly enough...well it was my lucky night because they were celebrating their birthday right down the street (kind of) from me!
Twinnie love between the birthday girls!
I hopped down to the new Jerry Remy's at the Seaport, put our name in and proceeded to sit at the bar watching the Red Sox on their mega screen (not sure why I didn't think to take a pic, must have been engrossed by the massiveness of these things) and suck down a couple gin drinks...then the girls showed up, we got a seat outside on the patio and spent the rest of the night eating, drinking and catching up a bit!
Heather is also a great friend from home that came up for the festivities :)
 I am not going to lie, I heard rumors that the food here was not that great, and to my not-so-surprise, the food was pretty terrible...I mean, yes, we ate it all, but so would you if you were 3 or 4 drinks down and someone put nachos, quesadillas, calamari and fried clam strips in front you! The nachos were, dare I say it, over-cheesed (like couldn't find a chip or a hunk of chicken too cheesy)....yes I judge a sport's bar by the caliber of their Jerry Remy's did NOT pass. Drinks were not bad - but that is about all I would order if I go back there again....also a 2/12 hour wait isn't too good mood inducing either!  All in all, a good place to watch a game (not a bad seat in the house with all those huge screens!) and grab a drink, not to dine!
Cheers to the bday girls and big ole' beers :)
Saturday was spent pretty laid back at home with Tripp, some snacks, a walk to and lay out at the beach for a little, and a dinner meet up with my cousin who was in town!
PB, graham cracker, and banana - nom, nom, nom!
After my long run on Sunday, I did something I have been meaning to do for a LONG time (and no, I am not referring to the 6 episodes of Make it or Break it, I may or may not have watched), I brought two full bags of new and lightly worn cloths to the local Southie Salvation Army - felt really good!
When's the last time you went through your closets and made some donations (to charities, friends, sal's...)?

Sunday! Felt so good and I am happy I emptied the drawers, a little :)

Does your training week look busy? 

Do you get stuck in a workout rut or do you mix it up often enough to keep the spark alive?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Marathon Training Recap, Week #3

Thanks for all the compliments on my new love, Nathan...Tripp didn't get too jealous (or maybe that is why he tried to steal my side of the bed last night?)

This past week was a doozy weather it was for 95% of the country, so I will stop complaining.  However, I used the extreme change in conditions I was training in to think of a "notes" section to add to my training log...I believe this will help me better prepare for race day conditions, whatever mother nature wants to throw (if I look back at how I felt and fueled for each of my workouts, hot/cold, rainy/humid/dry, etc). So here it goes, week #3 done, done and done...
vs. Reality:
Reaction to Week 3 Marathon Training:

  • I found a happy medium between the anxiety I felt last week about choosing between training and friends.  Friday night was my friends from home (they are twins) birthday and a bunch of girls I hadn't seen in a while were going out for dinner and drinks, in my neck of the woods (never happens), so I made a thoughtful decision to change my long run from Saturday, to Sunday, so that I could get both in and give both events my full attention.  
  • It is OK to take your workout inside, if the weather is dangerous to health...I had to use the TM for my speed work on Monday due to T-storms and extreme heat
  • I was just under plan for mileage, but compared to how many miles I got in last week (27.18), 31 miles was a safe increase (keeping the 10% per week increase rule in mind).
  • Running longer distances is always such a motivator, again this week, as soon as I got to the 14 mile mark, it was like I had fresh legs (almost :) ).
  • Need to pick up the active recovery cross-training - going to re-discover yoga!!
Long Run Recap: 16.04 miles in 2:06:49
Slightly obsessed with the lululemon speed shorts...
  • Ran solo again...didn't think I would be able to mentally do the 16 alone, but Julia's post on her 16-miler the day before rang in my ears during this run and I made it through!
  • Even if it is raining, get out there! I had to talk myself into the run for a little while (meaning I left the house a good 30 minutes after I had wanted to, but was still out by 7:25 AM) - you never know what race day conditions are going to be, until race day...unless it is dangerous to my health, I will get out there and run!
  • Stopped for water 3 times, but will have to bite the bullet and take the water belt (I have a fuel-belt) on my 18 miler next weekend.  3 fill ups was barely enough for my handheld - it got hot!
  • If 8 minute pace feels good, go with it...I have spent too much time/energy trying to go slower, but as long as I get the time on my feet in and make it through the run without feeling dead - I am not going to kick myself if I don't run 8:30s.
  • I tried out my new McDavid calf sleeves I won from Michelle the other day!  I didn't notice them (which was one of my fears of wearing them - that they would bug me while running...but they were non-intrusive and my legs were pretty strong most of the run...
skinny calves....I need to bulk those guys a little
  • Energy was taken at mile 8 (2 margarita flavored Clif Shot Bloks & Water) and mile 12 (1 mocha flavored Clif Shot Energy Gel).  The Margarita shot bloks are good for me because I am a salty sweater, and these replenish the amounts of salt I am losing during my run.  If you are not a salty sweater, you may want to try Clif's strawberry or cran-razz flavors (both delicious!). 
    • I felt OK with these times, but I am still experimenting with type of nutrition and timing of nutrition. 
  • I fueled pre-run with 2 pieces of whole wheat toast (1 w/ cream cheese and jam, 1 w/ pb and jam) - no issues while running, but I gave myself a good hour or so to digest before heading out.
  • I re-fueled post-run with a smoothie and a few handfuls of cereal
    • vanilla protein powder, original almond milk, pb, banana, strawberries, spinach 

 I would love for you to join me on this training journey, so if you're not already, go over and click the button to  become a follower - If you missed my past weekly recaps, you can see how I did here and here

Stay tuned for Week #4 plan and have a happy Monday!
Have you played the Q & A game with me yet? Hurry up and get your questions in!! Answers coming soon!
Ask Away!!
What is your favorite nutrition item for mid-run? Do you use gels, bloks, fluids?

Did you rock a stellar race this weekend?

No, but I am pretty pumped with pushing through the long run...haha I feel like that is going to be my big motivation from here on out!

Any tips on running with a water belt? I am a little afraid!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Why hello there Mr. Nathan...Nathan Sprint review and some OOIAJ love

Don't worry...Tripp and I are just fine...

I  am just in love with another man...and his name is....

Nathan...the Nathan Sprint to be exact...this little baby is 10 oz. of pure heaven during this recent heat wave, we are experiencing up here in Boston.  It is not too big, not too small, easy to handle and squirts on command (TWSS - sorry had to...) It has a great, chafe-free strap, that is comfy and breathable.
On a serious note...I am really in love with this water bottle purchase, and think it is a fantastic size and shape.  I have never been one to bring water with me on my runs (short, med or long), but training for a marathon in the heat of summer kind of changes things for me.  I have a water belt (have had it since Christmas to be exact), I just have never worn it for more than 2 minutes (or outside my bedroom for that matter). I find it clunky, heavy, uncomfortable and I bought my new boy toy, Nathan.

Nathan is a handheld h2o savior that I have brought with me on almost every run this summer (even if I am only going 4 miles).  When I get tired of holding him, he just hangs out without bugging me, and when I really just want him to leave me alone, he hangs nicely on my pouch belt (I run with a small pouch for keys/phone/cc/license/charlie card...just in case).  He even comes with a sweet ID tag, again...just in case, that has my emergency contact on it and some more important notes, that tucks nicely away, but is amply labeled as to its whereabouts.

I admit, when my runs get a little longer and with this heat not looking like it is letting down anytime soon, I will have to cheat on Nathan with the hydration belt...but, Nathan will still be there for my races, and smaller runs, if I need him...

Oh...and how does Tripp feel about this?
After a kite boarding session - nice hair weirdo :)
I think he is fine with it...better to stay hydrated on my feet, than, well, the opposite of that...

Also, since I have been scarce on the deliciousness front lately, I thought I would share with you, what might become a new OOIAJ obsession (as long as the goods last!) and my bfast from this morning.
 Protein packed OOIAJ:

  • 1/2 cup dry oats
  • handful of raisins
  • dash cinnamon
  • dash all spice
  • 1 T vanilla protein powder
  • 1 T flax seed
  • 3/4 c. original Silk Almond Milk
  • 1/4 c. Dark Chocolate Silk Almond Milk - OBSESSED WITH THIS!!!
  • 1 T Teddie's PB w/ Flax
Mix it all together, let it sit over night in the fridge, and in the AM mix in your favorite fresh fruit (banana, mango, strawberry and blueberry in the big boy above).
Have you played the Q & A game with me yet? Hurry up and get your questions in!! 
Ask Away!!
How hot did it get in your neck of the woods today?

It is supposed to be 101 today, but right now it is 99 and feels like 106!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you like to carry water on your runs? What type of hydration unit do you opt for?

Any races coming up in the next week?! 

Not for me, but be careful out there all of you racing in the heat and drinks lots of water and have fun!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A little piece of heaven

I needed a pick me up. Spin was great and gave me a fantastic mid-day surge of energy, but today is just one of those days that only one thing could work...

Chocolate...and caramel...and a little cookie crunch...

Enjoy your afternoons and don't forget to ask away! I need some more questions from you guys before you can unlock all my answers :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wouldn't you like to know...

Well thanks to Julia, over at Pain, Pride, and Perseverance, you can ask me those questions that you have been dying to ask, but never had the right you're probably sick of me always asking YOU guys things!

Julia, an awesome, talented, smart and busy runner of hills, trails, and canyons, has tagged me for this little game, and since "tag, you're it" in any shape or form was always my favorite childhood game to play, I am jumping right in (and I hope you will too!).  I am excited, nervous, interested in hearing what you might ask, and I am also a little excited she tagged me so that I had a little something to write to you all today :)

The way this works, from what I have observed on all the lovely blogs getting in on the game, is that you guys all get to ask me random (or not so random) questions and I try my very hardest to answer them all...oh, and make sure to follow me, so you can check back in and see all the answers to your fabulous questions!!!

Last, but not least...because I got tagged, I must tag 5 other bloggers to join in the fun! So I challenge:

No questions from me today - the stage is all yours....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Marathon Training Pan, Week #3 and some core fusion madness!

Welcome to week #3 of my marathon training journey - I am really loving sharing all of my realizations, motivators and plans with you all, it is helping me keep my focus and keep looking forward to the next day's workout!

This week I am going to concentrate on doing more hip strengthening and continue to listen to my body and how it reacts to the mileage and to the cross-training and take a break if I am feeling any pain or overwork - it is still too early in my training to burn out or get injured from pushing it.
I am excited to go for the 16 miles, but am going to try a little better to run with a buddy, I think I am going to need the mental push and motivation of a friend.  Other than that, the plan doesn't look too much different than week 1, so should be achievable.

I am even more excited for this long run, so I can try out my new McDavid USA compression sleeves I won thanks to Michelle over at Running with Attitude!!  Can't wait to try these out and let you all know how great they are!!
This past Sunday the Boston Run LUNA Chix team hosted a Core Fusion Cardio Clinic at Exhale Spa Battery Wharf.  It was a pretty decent turn out, and with the 90 degree humidity outside, it was nice to be working out with some great girls in a chilled out gym!

One of the big objectives of our LUNA Chix team (and all the Chix across the country) is to raise awareness and funds for the Breast Cancer Fund.  The Breast Cancer Fund is a great organization that works to research prevention of cancer, and solely prevention - stop it before it has a chance to attack.  A lot of their research and published reports around BPA and its affects on the body and ways to avoid BPA in all aspects of your life (think all things canned - tuna, veggies, fruits - make-up - plastic bottles.....)
 There were lots of plank runs (think mountain climbers)

 And some v-sit torture burn to finish up the class!
 We also had a drawing for a free pair of Ahnu shoes.  Cheryl (on the right) was the lucky winner!! Ahnu is a phenomenal company that has a great sustainable mission and vision, and even cooler - they work with Luna and Clifbar to raise money and awareness for the Breast Cancer Fund!!
Sending out a huge thank you to the instructors at Exhale for leading such a fantastic class and taking time out on a sunny Sunday to teach us wacky run chix! I would also like to thank Ahnu for supplying a pair of their nifty shoes and last but not least, I would love to thank all the women who came out and participated - I hope you all had a great time and were able to learn a few things and get a good burn on :)

I re-fueled with one of these:
 Look at these adorable tags to gain awareness for our team page and our community events (if you are in Boston, make sure to check out our Wednesday evening Charles River runs!!).  You too can find out more about the LUNA Chix teams, run - bike - tri, across the country - here
 After laying low for the rest of the afternoon, I hit up the grocery store, finished up the laundry, attempted to paint my toes and fingernails and then grilled up some of this deliciousness for my sailing champ when he got home from his latest regatta...
Some grilled teriyaki chicken, sweet potato fries and broccoli/cauliflower 
Do you have a Luna Chix team in your town/city? Have you ever done a run, bike, swim or clinic with them?

Do you have your own run group you do group runs or events with?

What is your favorite Luna bar flavor?

Chocolate Dipped Coconut - if you like Samoas Girl Scout cookies, you will LOVE these bars!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Marathon Training Recap, Week #2

So I am done with my second week of training with only one little scare on the injury front and the week looked a little something like this...

vs. Reality
Reaction to Week 2 Marathon Training:

  • Responsible Danielle needs to surface and stay true to plan - I had a lot of anxiety going home Friday night, instead of out late with friends, so that I could wake up early enough, and feel strong/energetic for my long run - but I did it
  • It is ten times better waking up early to run, instead of running in the heat of the day
  • I need to stretch a lot better and do more hip strength work, so I can avoid any more piriformis spasms
  • Cross Training hours are a lot easier to get in, when you get them through classes and pre-defined workouts
  • Even with less week-day mileage, I was able to get in almost plan for weekly mileage 
  • I am super stoked for my distance PR and I have a new level of motivation for long runs, knowing that the LRs to come are going to be longer than I have ever run before - it is an empowering feeling for sure!
Long Run Recap:
  • Ran solo, but still did alright - Still need to work on running with someone else, summer is tough with everyone traveling! 
  • 7:30 is so much cooler to run than 10 AM :) - I will keep trying to start around 7 AM - as the distance gets longer, I will move my starting time up more.
  • Stopped several times for stretching - learned it is ok to take a break for a second to avoid injury
  • Did really well keeping a more consistent pace right off the bat, but will continue to be conscious of how I feel at the 8 minute pace when I start adding more miles on...
  • Did very well with hydration and energy - since this was the longest run I have been on, I had a Clif-shots Mocha gel at mile 10 to ensure my power through the last 4 miles...I carried a handheld water bottle and filled up twice along the route (picked a route with multiple fountains)
All in all, I was really happy with my long run - I felt my piriformis pain a little around mile 11, stopped to stretch and made it through with very little pain - stretched really well when I got home and continued to keep an eye on it.

I fueled pre-run with some whole wheat toast/cream cheese/jam, a graham cracker/pb sandwich and a tall glass of cold water.
I felt good about this quick bfast, and it sat really well during the run - I had enough energy, but wasn't tasting PB the whole run.  I made sure to make a big yogurt/fruit/cereal bowl topped with pb when I got home to get some good protein in post-long run.

Make sure to become a follower and join me on this training journey - If you missed my last weekly recap a, you can see how I did here 

Stay tuned for Week #3 plan and have a happy Monday!
Are you training for a race? How are your workouts going?

What is your go-to long run/early race breakfast staple?

Still trying out different combos to perfect my meal for race day!

What is your favorite way to re-fuel post long run?

I need some new ideas so shoot em out!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

It can only go up from here!

Don't forget to sign up for Exhale's Cardio Core Fusion before tomorrow's class!! Free class courtesy of the Boston Run Luna Chix Team!!
Today I ran the longest consecutive mileage I have ever run in my life...I made it through 14 miles, 14.01 to be exact :) I am pretty happy, not gonna lie...

 It is the start of a beautiful thing, the miles for my long runs can only go up and up (well until I hit the 22 mile day, and then the 26.2 mile day of course).  I can tell you right now though, I do not foresee any ultras in my lifetime...I was pretty pumped to get to that 14th mile and pretty excited to get that big glass of ice water at the end of it and to be done!  I will talk more about how I felt and things that went well and things that didn't go so well in tomorrow's weekly recap post - but let's just say I am VERY happy that I got this run in today, and to the full mileage (remember my little piriformis issue from Wednesday?)

I am going to make this a short one (I know, you are probably jumping for joy) but I just need to tell you a couple of revelations from the past two days....

1.) My sister is SICK at field hockey, and I am so proud of her! I got the opportunity to see her play yesterday afternoon AND this morning and I am so glad I did - she is really doing amazing at the sport (a chip off the old block if you ask me...j/k!)

2.) Free movies in the park are so much fun - but make sure to bring your own picnic dinner and a lawn chair! Tripp and I joined a few of our friends to go see MegaMind at the Hatshell in Boston (same place the Boston Pops and Martina McBride were playing the night of the fireworks, that I missed)....we got a really quick bite to eat before the movie, but when we showed up, we noticed all the cool kids brought their own meals and snacks to enjoy on the grass while watching the outdoor movie, which did I mention was free?!  I guess Boston has these most Friday nights in the summer, and they are really an awesome outing if you have any like it in your city (or if you are in Beantown like me :) ). We will be back!

Such a funny movie - definitely recommend it!! Source
 3.) Yes, Vanessa, I do have salty sweat (I just wrote sweaty salt, which would just be wrong) and here if a picture to show you how much of that salty sweat I experienced during and post my 14 miler....enjoy :)
I am off to a Jack n Jill on this beatuful Saturday afternoon for two incredible people!! Congratulations Bridget and Greg - so happy for you guys and your new journey you are embarking on!
Are you a salty sweater? How do you replenish if so?

Does your town/city offer cool things like movies or plays in the park?

Boston offers movies and shakespeare in the park (which I will finally get to go to next week!!) which I think is just awesome!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Free Core Fusion Class at Exhale Spa in Boston!

What are you planning on doing this Sunday?? 

Well...if you live in or around Boston, you may or may not have heard of Exhale's Core Fusion classes. They are transformational toning classes that function by:
"Fusing the disciplines of core conditioning, Pilates, the Lotte Berk Method, interval cardio training, and yoga, this highly-acclaimed and publicized mind body experience incorporates 50 years of collective teacher expertise from co-founders Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp. Allowing you to work from the inside out, this transformational class consistently delivers results, including washboard abs, a tighter and higher backside, long, lean muscles, and an athletic, toned body."
Sounds pretty cool and intense huh? Well today is your lucky day (Sunday is technically the lucky day), because as a member of the LUNA Chix Boston Run team, I am cordially inviting you to join me and the rest of the Boston LUNA Chix for a Core Fusion Cardio class at Exhale Spa Battery Wharf! Core Fusion® Cardio merges cardio with intense strength and flexibility moves - definitely a great addition to any workout/race training program! 

Did you know that a strong core, is key to running and working out to your best ability? And with the weather finally warming up in Boston, and beach season in full swing, why not give that core an extra boost with some Core Fusion Cardio hosted by the Boston LUNA Chix and Exhale Spa?!
If you haven't already - Please only RSVP if you are definitely planning to attend, so that we an make sure to have an accurate idea of how many women are planning to attend. The class will begin at 1:30pm, but we ask that you plan to arrive a few minutes early so that you can get checked in and set up for the class.

If you have already RSVP'd - thank you!! and can't wait to see you all there!!

This is a complimentary class for ALL LEVELS! As we work to support the Breast Cancer Fund, we will be happy to collect any donations you might have for the cause, which is dedicated to research all around preventing breast cancer! 

In order to RSVP, please go to the LUNA Chix event page on Facebook -- Core Fusion with the LUNA Chix and Exhale Spa Battery Wharf

Event Details:

DateSunday, July 17 · 1:30pm - 3:00pm

2 Battery Wharf
Boston, Massachusetts

Not yet a member of the Boston LUNA Chix Running Team FB page? No worries! Just click on the link to the left, request an invite and one of the Chix would be happy to accept you in - what better way to find out about all the cool active events and programs the Boston LunaRun Team are up to and how you can get involved too!!

Remember: This is a complimentary class for ALL LEVELS! We look forward to seeing you on the 17th! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bad News Bears....

That is how I feel today if you were wondering, which you probably weren't, but I will go on anywho...

So last night I did an easy 4 miles on the TM and then headed off to the place of an old love affair (don't worry, Tripp knows all about it) - the field hockey turf at Bentley U (little know fact, mine was the first class to graduate from Bentley University, f.k.a. Bentley College - points for the cool kid).  About 30 minutes into what was shaping up to be one of my poorer performances, and a soak fest (it was pouring), I took a semi-graceful digger, and because you weren't there and I don't have a magic picture of it...I will paint the picture for you....

(setting: Bentley turf, far right 7 v. 7 mini-field, lined with those little flat top cones)
It is a free hit coming out from the top of the circle, and I am cutting wide - I get the pass in a perfect position to fire off a sweep hit down low instead of stopping and running with it (my stick almost flat on the ground, sweeping from behind to the front of me while hitting ball).  Left foot hits cone of sideline, left foot flies into air, right foot trying to cling to the ground for dear life (sweep hit was successful if you were wondering if I hit the ball in all of this), Danielle flies up and then down hard on right side of body, right foot failed to cling hard to it?
I looked a LOT like this guy...source
Well after this little display, I got a little fired up with embarrassment and had a pretty decent goal on one of the next plays and my stick work improved a bit, thing that deteriorated, rather than excelling, was my piriformis (deep muscle in hip - ok in the glutes- that is responsible for hip abduction) needless to say, I kept playing and limping a little and playing some more until the 60 minutes was up (you play hard to the buzzer is another great quote from my coaches that I can't seem to shake).

Last night, I tossed and turned, today I am grumpy and tired and the limp? Oh it is there in full my friends, is a mandatory rest day...which wouldn't bug me too much, if the weather wasn't perfect for a run (65 and cool) and this pain in my bum wasn't so crappy....

Also, on the bad news bears feeling...remember my new Smith Optics sunnies I was so excited for and proud of? Well smart Danielle drove off after her LUNA run last week with them on the hood of her car (yes, when I am upset with myself, I refer to myself in the third person).
I felt not so smart when this happened....
To make matters worse, I thought I could try to get a replacement pair and had to deal with a not so nice and not so understanding customer service rep and find my own means of ordering a new pair...
...and a little ticked when I called up Smith...
so now my desk looks like this....
Make new friends...but keep the old...trash?
But it's OK, because once again...
...I feel like this!
I know you all missed my weird ass beautiful face the past couple of posts, like this one and this one...but don't you just love the mexican hat in the background...I have a classy cube you could say....

So what now? I rest, I try not to cry any more, I rock my new sunnies (even if I am not running right now), I drink lots of water and big Ibuprofen pills, I do some nifty stretches with names like Pigeon pose and The Clam....and I pray that this spasm/tweak/w/e it is goes before my long run scheduled for Saturday! Stay tuned....


Have you heard of the Piriformis? Have you ever had Piriformis pain? 

Ugh after my first relay last year I had horrible spasms of the piriformis, but my PT friend came to the rescue with a killer deep tissue pain torture and "The Clam" stretch

Have you ever had an embarrassing fall? Doesn't have to be in sports....

haha, funny thing is...I fall all of the time :) some worse than others...