Friday, September 30, 2011

Fast Friday - are you training too fast?

Thanks for all of the compliments on my new winnings! I am pretty excited about them too! If you want to check out some on going, pretty awesome giveaways to try your hand at winning a little something something for yourself, you should definitely keep an eye on my little giveaway widget (located on right side bar - there is one from Vanessa, Christina (and because she is badass this one too!),  Katy, Teamarcia, Julia (who is also running the St. George Marathon this weekend - so go wish her luck!!), and Amanda....

Now that I am exhausted just reading that...let's get down to business.  If you have been following along in this random journey I am living over here, you are well aware I have been battling some tendinitis and ITB issues affecting my knee.  The cause? Overtraining....I was going too hard, too fast, too often...I messed up, and I am OK to say that now, but it has taken a couple of weeks of crying, moping and cursing to get here.  One thing I always think about though, regardless of the situation...there is always a lesson to be had.  For me? I know I didn't rest enough...a rest day for me still has me jumping all around the place, getting too little sleep and stressing out my lesson? I need to relax, rest and recoup...
Maybe I should take some pointers from him?
My lesson for you? Listen to the body, are you tired? Are you sore? Have you been going non-stop for days...weeks?  Do you know how fast is too fast, and what the ideal pace for your training is? I know I didn't...I couldn't tell you my 5k pace if you were tempting me with a bag of candy and a bottle of wine...
B Fills - Candy in a small glass candy champagne bottle.
Or a wine bottle full of candy
That's why I got so excited to find this calculator from Runner's World, that lets you plug in your latest distance time, and it gives you back a list of ideal pacing for every type of distance...I was running long runs too quickly, some of them by almost a minute! I was running tempo runs too fast, leading to exhaustion when I got home.  I think this is a great tool for all runner's, whether they are just starting out, or have been running for years.  Speeds change, so your body might not be as fast as it was 10 years ago, or maybe it is even faster!  I am not saying to not give it your all, but I am saying be reasonable with the goods you got.
Attack of the Speedy Gonzalez Bug?
Another great article RW just put out, is about recognizing overtraining, before it is too late...before you are going to PT 2 x a week, and seeing surgeons and getting MRIs or X your body and it will do it's best to love you back....

Just some thoughts for you to ponder while you head into the weekend, and get ready for your long runs or races (Rachelle, Julia, Cory, and Candice are all running the St. George Marathon tomorrow, so wish them luck!!)...and a final thought to leave you with....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday - winnings!

1. I am super excited for a couple of new items coming my way in the mail!! Kind of really excited about one in particular, from the lovely Rachelle @ Running for Trevor! A couple of weeks ago, Rachelle took a 12 hour long  ride in a van to Northern Cali to run the Napa Valley Ragnar Relay (you know those 200 mile or so 24 hour running relays?!) with an ultra team to boot (that's 6 instead of 12 runners, covering the same distance as the 12-person team!)!!! Oh, and because she is extra badass, they ran a runner less...that's only 5 runners covering that insane distance!! Go check out her recap (I would have drank that wine for you :)) So anyways...she had a giveaway with us guessing how many kills she would get and what time her team would finish in...I guessed 42 and she had 30 kills, and I guessed a finishing time of 26:42 and it was really 26:08 - go me!! Thanks Rachelle :)

2. I also made a few purchases for myself this past week....I'll give you a little eye candy until I get the real goods!!
JPK Paris 75 Nylon Bucket Bag
I call these all winnings, because I got the bag for $75 off from Rue La La - #winning and I got the bottoms from for partial the price - #winning!
TYR Running Capris - Black
TYR Kinetic Spin Shorts - Onyx

3. Road ID - I have wanted one of these for a little while now (but wasn't doing much to get one besides entering giveaways - #fail)...well I got lucky, because I won the Active Advantage August RoadID giveaway! woo-hoo!! I ordered a pink wrist ID sport ID that has my info and the words, Believe & Persevere - because lately those have been some motivational pieces getting me by, and I am going to need the reminder when I run that Newport thing.
It looks something like that :)

Want to know something better? When I ordered, they gave me a coupon that I could pass along to my friends(you guys!!). Here's the coupon number:

Coupon Number: ThanksDanielle9081083

The coupon is good for $1 off any Road ID order placed by 10/29/2011. To order, simply go to or click the link:

If you prefer, you can call them at 800-345-6335.

You can thank me later!!! On a serious note...these things are 
a very wise investment in your safety and peace of mind - as they told me in my confirmation...they will make you "a highly intelligent individual" (no lie, they told me I must be one because I ordered one!)


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

This Wednesday is just a random love of sorts, including a lot of food, friends, and more food...seems to be the theme of my posts lately...don't worry though, I still am moving and fact I did a whole hour on the spin bike last night, without a class to push me...just my smartphone with all of your lovely blogs, and a last minute rescue partner (Mike, Tripp's sailing partner came to spin next to me for my last 35 or so minutes!!).

So without further ado...I have been thoroughly enjoying these....
Especially the "Lauren's Mega Nuts" flavor...don't get any wrong ideas...its the pistachios, I swear!  These are still left over from the awesome package I won from the lovely Mel
topped off with a couple of these....

Larabar was nice enough to send me not one of their Jocalat bars to sample, but all 4 flavors!!!  Stay tuned for a review coming soon!!
I might be excited to try this one in particular....loveee hazelnuts! Thanks Larabar!
 And washed down with a little of this....
strawberry & basil w/ some prossecco?? Yes, please!
With these ladies...
Roomie Jenna, me, Allison, Al's friend from home Caley, and Emily (who came up from NYC this week to visit and celebrate)
New restaurant in the city started by the Hell's Kitchen competitor  Jason Santos (you know, the one with the blue hair)
To celebrate her...
Allison and her fiance Matt got engaged earlier this summer, but we hadn't properly celebrated yet...
The food was truly phenomenal to boot....
My Escalor, polenta and fennel
Jenna's duck confit with sticky rice and asian salad on top!
Ever heard of a breadzel? Me neither until now...
Pretzel flavored roll with salt on top! Thanks for modeling Em :)
And who doesn't like a check that comes in a shot glass...w/ lollipops...

All in all, I am loving some great things this Wednesday....hope you are too!

What are you loving this Wednesday?!

Any big races coming up this weekend?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Newport Food and Wine Festival Recap

So I was a little tired yesterday, but for good reason...
I spent a few days with way too many catamaran sailors to watch the conclusion of the North American F18 Championships, where these guys....
Got 2nd place...
For doing this...
I think I am more proud than he is...I am kind of his superfan :)  After the sailing wrapped up, our weekend wasn't just amping up...

My newlywed friends, Chris & Katie, invited a few of us to experience the Newport Food and Wine Festival.  Now, I love wine, and I love good food, so I was a bit in heaven at the prospect of enjoying both together, at a gorgeous seaside mansion to boot!
The event took place all weekend, but we attended the 12-4 showing on Sunday (heck yes Sunday Funday). The weather was supposed to be rainy and overcast, but it held out to a partly cloudy, crisp hotter than usual, fall day.
I promise we didn't try to match in oddly Valentine's Day looking clothing...
It took place at the Marble House Mansion, which was Mr. & Mrs. Vanderbilt's house in the late 1800s.  There was an expansive view of the water (along the Newport Cliff Walk) and Mrs. Vanderbilt's addition (to hold a women's suffrage fundraiser I believe), the infamous Chinese Tea House
Christmas Card?
Sam: "I don't like the tea house, don't take a picture of the tea house, at least not with me in it!" Sorry Sam....
As soon as you walk into the massive front entrance, you are handed a reusable shopping bag to keep track of any drunken finds purchases or particular pamphlets of interest (what wines or restaurants we liked) throughout the show, along with the prize of the day, the coveted event wine glass (I was pretty excited, because we went to the Newport Wine Fest - which is a totally different event entirely - last year, and fought the woman who took my wine glass back at the end of the show....WTF woman?!)
I tasted some delicious drinks with that guy....
I also enjoyed an unhealthy amount of a few tasty morsels....
And hung out with some phenomenal friends
Katie and Jeff
Lindsay and Mike - The Stella Artoise booth was giving out full pints of Stella, Leffe, and Hoegarden...heaven

Tripp and Katie
Sam and Chris - sailing partners on Lil Evil
Oh, and this hottie :)
Such a great weekend, spectacular event, and overall thumbs up time!  If you have the chance to get to Newport, RI, definitely check out the mansions, the cliff walk, and try to catch one of the many festivals they hold every year!

Huge thank you to Chris and Katie (& Katie's Dad) for hooking us up with those phenomenal tickets (and for letting me stay over the night before, go out to dinner with you, pass out at 10 watching Finding Nemo and for the pancakes you made me for bfast before the event!)
Have you ever been to a food & wine festival?

I have been to a beer fest, and a wine fest, but never so many deliciously edible things under one tent!

Have you ever seen the Newport Mansions?

Are you a classy eater, or shovel it all in?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Motivations

So I am tight on writing time today, but I saw this little piece on Living the Dream, so I thought I would follow this quote is just perfect timing and awesome (so is hers, so you should go check it out!)!

Motivational Quotes
I am committed to finishing this 26.2 on October 16th, no excuses, only results.  My results might not be all of my original goals, but goal #1 stands, I will finish this first marathon!

I am dedicated to doing what it takes these next 3 weeks, all of the cross training, PT, stretches, icing, resting...I am dedicated to this sport and I am dedicated to achieving this goal.


What is your Monday Motivation?

How do you deal with set-backs? Do you let them win, or do you persevere and conquer?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Things Thursday - Bliss, speed and Mama Peas to the Rescue

1. Second Opinions - huge fan...needless to say I'm on cloud9 compared to last week's Dr. Visit, which left me in shambles thinking I had to get this very invasive, tough to rehab surgery. Don't get me wrong, if that's what I needed to do, I would do it in a heartbeat and persevere (thanks Julia - she wrote a great piece on what perseverance means) through the surgeries (yes, there would have been two! One scope and one invasive cartilage transplant)and the rehab, all so that I could continue to be active the rest of my life.
So stoked after Luna run last night, don't know what I would do, if I didn't have those girls and that team :)
But today, the new Dr. Took one look at the MRI and the MRI results and promptly said, there is no reason at all to give a surgery. Maybe down the road we may have to revisit the cartilage degeneration, but at this point in time, all I was suffering from, was some knee tendinitous and borderline ITB syndrome (very borderline).  I know I say this like it is no big deal, which in reality, it is something that needs good rest and healing - I am just so happy it isn't the original diagnosis, which would have been a lot more detrimental to my active lifestyle.
so stoked when I got home, I could barely contain it...don't mind the br pic...
Whoa! That is a 180 from the first answer I received last week! This diagnosis does not mean I am in the clear though, I may not be able to complete the marathon, but I am cleared to attempt it, and if I get any pain above a 3 on the 1-10 pain scale (10 being the worst) I will need to drop out and get a DNF, and I will need to be ok with that possibility - which I believe I am (sorry Tripp, we arentgoing to be out of there in under 4 hours, but hopefully you will see me cross that finish line!)

The Dr. Told me to do killer cross training and take it easy on the runs, that I will be able to build up my endurance and muscle endurance through cycling and the elliptical and that I should be running every third or fourth day. He told me to "get on that bike, and just keep pedaling!" whew I am so excited about this news, but will continue to keep tabs on the pain and stop if I need to, unlike the last Dr., this doesn't have to be my last attempt at a marathon, he did suggest switching from long distance running to triathlons though...we shall see!

2. Sailing - Tripp is in the F18 North American Championships this week! He is currently in second, but I'm going to go down to Hyannis tonight to root him on to first! Sail fast babe!
that's him racing on Tuesday - hanging off the side :)

3. Baking - up a storm. Because I am going down to see him, in a condo with 7 other guys, I decided to bake up some treats to take down with me! I was baking all night, first my special banana bread and then I went to make brownies, but we were out of eggs - I used the last ones in the bread!
Mama Peas to the rescue and I had vegan, no egg needed brownies in the oven in no time! Thank you mama peas!

Have you ever had knee tendentious? How did you keep it under control/treat it?

What is your favorite thing to bake?

Are you a brownies from scratch or from the box kind of gal?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

So I know there has been a lot of what i definitely don't love lately, but that is just a bit here is some glass half full things I am loving on this lovely humpday Wednesday!


1. Running, be it big or small: I can "run" again, for the time being, which is fantastic news...but I am to stay on flat surfaces, go slow, and keep the miles low.  This is less frustrating than not running, so I will take it...but that patience thing is tough!

2. Oatmeal bowl creations: I am only home for a couple of days this week, so I was trying to avoid a big shopping trip, which means going with the pantry ingredients and freezer, to try to make a dent (I hoard food, no big deal).  It has also been fall in full throttle, so warm breakfasts are my craving.  This means that I have been throwing whatever sounds good in a big bowl of steaming hot oats :) Which makes my tummy very's mix? oats, water, skim milk, chia seeds, cranberries (real ones, not dried), raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, and some all spice....oh, and a big spoonful of my homemade PB I ventured to make last week :)

3. Wedges: These killer, literally, wedges I picked up on clearance from Steve Madden.  Took me a couple of minutes to remember how to walk (these are the highest things I might have ever worn!), but they look cute with my outfit today and I am starting to get used to them already!
Excuse the un-pedicured and blistered feet, the shoes are what I love :)
4. Iced Coffee: Yes, I know it is fall and getting chillier out there, but I love my iced coffee, and the woman at Dunk's made this Med. Iced Toasted Almond w/ skim perfectly! Like seriously, it was perfect.  Sometimes it is too flavored or under flavored, but this was oh just right :)

Oh me? I am Drinkin a perfect iced coffee :)

5. Tires: OK, I don't love this bullet point, but it was worth a mention.  I walked out of work last night to find a flat tire, like completely flat, can't even roll slightly flat.  So I called AAA and was driving home on a donut in no time (an edible one would have been more enjoyable, but I am just happy I had a functioning one in there to get home!). To make matters brighter, I took the tire to a mechanic this morning and he found the culprit, a teeny tiny nail (really?!) and fixed the tire, good as part? free!  Seriously, if you live in or around South Boston - go to Fran's Auto, it is hands down fantastic service!

this type of donut = no love :(
6. workmanship: I have to really appreciate the hard work going into cleaning up South Boston.  They are re-doing the low income housing to nice updated buildings, and they are fully re-modeling Andrew's Square to beautify the area.  I also am very impressed at the detail these workers are putting into this re-modeling.  I believe they put these all down by hand, there were two or three guys on hands and knees adjusting this pattern, if you look hard in the photo.

look at that detail! No mom, I was not driving - I was at a stop light...
What are you loving this Wednesday, week, fall?

Do you know how to change a flat tire?

I have AAA because I don't...or more so, don't have the patience to.

What is your favorite iced coffee flavor?

My roomie in college turned me on to toasted almond and I haven't turned back since...but I do occasionally get the snickerdoodle at the cafes in Southie :)