Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 in Review, the Finale...

So I had a pretty packed 2011, with some goods and some really far in my  highlight recap, I have been really blessed with lots of positive accomplishments and experiences.  However, about where I left off, is the same time my fitness and health dropped off as well.  If you have been following for a little while, you would know that many of my posts at the end of August, and through September, were agonizing.  I was injured, halfway through marathon training, and was trying everything under the sun to feel normal, healthy, strong again.

I am still working very hard to get 100%, but I am getting there - I have gone through a lot of rehab, workouts, and Drs. and I am now running a little bit more each week, and gaining my confidence back a little bit more with each workout.  So without further ado...


  • Survived Hurricane Irene, but had a half marathon cancelled in the meantime.
  • Attended two weddings back-to-back for a couple of amazing was a classy Newport, RI mansion wedding, that was beyond elegant and beautiful...
 and another that was country beauty at it's finest, with gorgeous weather and a fantastic location.

  •  The day before the first wedding, was also the day my marathon training plan as it was ended.  I was very frustrated because I had no idea what was wrong with my knee, but it hurt, and it was only getting worse.

  • About the time my negativity came aboard, and I became fed up with not knowing what was wrong with my aching knee.  I went to an orthopedic surgeon, and he just prescribed RICE - the pain was still getting worse, and my patience was dwindling.
  • Tripp competed in his North American Regatta, which capped off a successful racing year for him!
  • Even though I was on rest and could not run myself, I supported my Mom throughout her second half marathon, acting as her personal photog and getting to see her crush her previous PR
  • I also was able to participate in the first annual Luna Chix Run/Walk for Fun in Boston, MA, as a walk group leader.  It wasn't the most comfortable for me, but it was such an amazing event that drew 100+ women to get out and move.  

  • I finally went and got an MRI on my knee, only to find out that I have some serious cartilage damage, which could be contributing to the knee tendinitis I had been battling.  I had a Left Knee Lateral Femoral Condyle Chondrial Lesion and the surgeon was telling me I would not be able to run much more than a couple miles at a time for the rest of my life....
  • My friends and I were able to attend the annual Newport Food & Wine Festival in Newport, RI, a classy chance to eat and drink too much in a gorgeous setting with some awesome friends.

  • I finished the Tufts 10k, which was such an incredible feeling, since I hadn't been able to walk, let alone run more than a couple of miles without pain in 8 weeks.  I did not PR by any means, but finishing felt like a PR to me!

  • Later that same week I ran and finished my first marathon - 26.2 miles - with my friend Chris.  It was the most surreal feeling in the world.  I hadn't really run in the 8 weeks leading up to the race.  I had been in PT for 6 weeks, acupuncture for 2 weeks, I had seen 2 different surgeons, I had received a cortisone shot and would not let down on my goal to cross that finish line.  I finished the race in 3:49:15 - an unbelievable time for me - I had been shooting for finishing and was thinking it would be around 4:30 - I had actually convinced myself that if the pain was too much, I would to finish sub-4 is just such a huge blessing.

  • Tripp and I took a last minute opportunity to fly to down to St. Barths for a sailing regatta and had a first class experience on paradise.  I have never been to such a beautiful island before and every detail was breathtaking.  We were able to spend an entire 7 days there and it was definitely too short :)

  • The day we got back from vacation, my Grammy took a turn for the worse - she was hospitalized in ICU with a Pulmonary Embolism (blood clots that had moved to her lungs).  Unsure of whether she would make it through Thanksgiving, my family and I were by her side.  On Thanksgiving day, she started her 180 healing and we celebrated as a family with a mini, but Gigantically Thankful, feast at home.
  • HBBC started the week I was in St. Barth's - which meant something supportive to keep me accountable for my workouts even though I wasn't training for anything - and kept me active through vaca and 2 holidays! Thank you Amanda!
  • My friends Emma, Jessie, and Ashley and I got together for a yummy brunch while we got all crafty and created our very own Race Medal Hangers.  Very rewarding feeling to nail the finish product up and hang all of my medals on it!!
  • I earned myself a pretty sweet 5k PR at the Winter Classic 5K in Cambridge (21:22).  I signed up solo, but met up with a bunch of fun blog friends! 
  • I also ran the Home for the Holidays 10k hosted by the lovely and generous Steph, Robin and Ashley. Again, I did not PR, but I did run for the first time ever, alone, in 25 degree weather, around my home town.

2011 Race Review:
  • 5ks: 3
  • 10ks: 3
  • half marathons: 2
  • marathons: 1
  • 200-mile relays: 1
For some reason, I thought I had a lot more races, but in reflection, most of those were quality races.  I earned three PRs this year (5k, 10k, marathon) and they feel amazing! 

Phew...finished I believe! What an incredible year, both bad and good, I have learned many things, would like to forget some things, but cherish all of the blessings and fortunate for all of the challenges I was able to accomplish.

Again - thank you all for following me in this crazy journey to find Health, Happiness and Strength - Here's to a Fantastic 2012!


  1. You've had frustrations and triumphs! Here's to an amazing 2012.

  2. ahhhhhh. i am still obsessed with those medal hangers. and how you CRUSHED your marathon. incredible.

  3. Hey, I was at Yukan Run 1/2 Marathon in August too - and placed in my age group as well :) Small world for sure.


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