Friday, January 6, 2012

Fitness Friday - #HBBC Week #7 - Final Week!

Before you say anything, or think you might have missed something, yes, yes I did post twice in a day!! I had to get in my Fitness Friday post of course (at least now that I have made it public that I will be writing them!)

Well we made it! The holidays have come and gone, 2011 has been reviewed and filed away, and the final day of the HBBC, that Amanda so generously hosted, is today! I have had a pretty decent week of training to load into my final week's points, and I will miss having the accountability of this challenge, for not only workouts, but for stretching and getting in at least 7 fruits and veggies! Before I say good bye to this great challenge, I will leave you with my final week recap:
Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge
Thanks Amanda!
Saturday (New Years Eve):
  • Ran 7.3 miles (7.3 pts) 
  • F&V = 1 pt
Sunday (New Years Day):
  • Rest Day
  • Ran 7.75 miles (7.75 pts)
  • Stretched: 20 minutes (1 pt)
  • 0.55 miles run (0.55 pts)
  • 20 minutes stretching (1 pt)
  • 50-minute boot-camp (5 pts)
  • F & V = 1 pt
  • 5.6 miles run  (5.6 pts)
  • elliptical 15 min (1 pt)
  • stair climber 5 min (no pts)
  • F & V = 1 pt.
  • 50 min. spin class (5 pts)
  • 10 minutes stretching (0.5 pt)
  • 0.8 miles walked (0.8 pts)
  • Rest Day (not feeling too hot) - might get in a walk or strength later - will update if I do.
  • F & V = 1 pt.
Week Total:  38.5 pts.

So this final week of the HBBC wasn't my highest week (I slacked a little bit more than usual on the F&V's because we were trying to not grocery shop and that related to running out of fresh produce...woops!  I did however get in some decent mileage and some more stretching/foam rolling than usual! There is an 8 miler on the books for tomorrow - to round the week off at 22ish miles (my training week starts on Sunday)

So that wraps it up for the final week of HBBC!! 
How did you do, did you participate? 

I remained middle of the pack, but that is ok with me - I got in balanced workout, family and friend time, as well as maintaining at least 7 fruits and veggies the majority of the days! 

Are you a fan or do you think you would pass next year?

I will definitely participate next year if it is going on and I am still around :)


  1. Still around? Hmmmm

    I think you had a good week, a VERY good week. And now go get some freggies! :)

  2. you have done awesome friend! i was kinda disappointed in myself because i really rocked the first few weeks and totally slacked off the next few...blah! i love all the variety you got in your workouts as well!


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