Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 2012 Goals

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January Goals, a New Year, a New Set of Goals

I know I never wrote a 2011 recap (hold your horses, but there might just be one tomorrow!), and I have yet to write my 2012 Resolutions/Expectations, but it isn't too late to give you an update on my December Goals and some new ones to tackle for this month.  Plus, monthly goals are a lot more tangible and fool proof than year-long resolutions - at least in my opinion.

  • DID return to yoga - in fact, I went 3 or 4 times :) It was a lot easier to go during the holidays, because I was working remotely - which means less stress of trying to get there from work (I commute)
  • DID keep up with the HBBC (and still am!) and am steadily increasing my weekly mileage! (I ran about 17 and walked 1)
  • I DID start to get physically healthy, my achilles is no longer crunchy, and although my ITB has been a nuisance, I have been able to better manage the achiness with stretching, rest, and Ibuprofen
  • I DID NOT rediscover what I love about fitness - my bootcamp instructor left and I am not too fond of the new one's set up, field hockey was on hiatus for the holidays, and about all I did was yoga and running - which I love, but it isn't something new and exciting
  • I DID think about portions, even during the holidays - I had a little too much to eat on Christmas Day, but other than that, I have been pretty good
  • I DID keep my mind on what I was eating sweets and portions wise, but I did not get picky - if it was something I don't normally eat, I tried a little bit of it.  I didn't avoid sweets, but I definitely didn't drown in them
  • I DID alright with the veggies - I finally had 7 servings of F&Vs during an entire weekend, and I was a lot more conscious of my intake and my meal variety
  • I DID have better focus, using lists and better time management to get all of my presents baked/wrapped/delivered, and other stressful tasks accomplished
  • I DID NOT get myself mentally healthy - I am still having feelings of  being lost with my career and my purpose - this is not something I want to/need to rush, but I have to be mindful that I need to work on this aspect of my life - being happy, healthy and strong both physically and mentally
  • I DID sign up for a savings account (I have an IRA, but I signed up for a personal savings) this weekend - I still have to finalize the set-up, but the seed is planted!
I did a lot better with accomplishing my goals last month, than the previous month, so I am pretty happy with it.  There are still some pretty heft goals that need work - but also can't be rushed.  So without further ado...

January Goals 2012
    • Finish up strong with HBBC Challenge
      • I am still the middle of the pack for the "Advanced" group, so I am not going to make any drastic dents in this final week, but I want to go out with a bang and prove that I am a fighter and a hard worker
    • Build Mileage to at least 25 miles per week: I need to get back into Half Marathon shape, in order to feel comfortable going into my February Half, Hyannis.  I ran my furthest distance since the marathon yesterday (7.75) and my weekly mileage as of last week is 18.  I hope to build about 2 miles per week onto that, so that I am running around 26 miles by the end of January. 
      • Keep up With the Food Journal ChallengeIf you haven't yet noticed, I added a new page to my tabs up the top of the blog, dedicated to journalling my foods for 30 days.  I signed up for Amanda's 30-day Food Journal Challenge last week, starting January 1st - and since I want to focus on eating cleaner, I thought it was a great time to start breaking down what I am eating, what times, and how hungry I am when I eat.  I usually wait until I am around an 8 or 9 on the hunger level scale (1 being not at all, 10 being I will eat your arm off), or not being too hungry at all - so I am going to keep an eye on that and see if I can't eat more intuitively and keep my hunger levels more even.
      Thanks for Keeping me Honest and Healthy Amanda
      • Eat Clean: This is not a cold turkey goal for me, but more of a conscious effort to progressively cut out the processed foods.  I will be cooking more at home, using whole and nutrient rich foods.  I just won a great Tosca Reno Eat Clean Cookbook from Christina, so hopefully I will have some inspiration :) I know her meals have looked mighty tasty!
        • Cut out Excess Sugar and Sweets: I am definitely a dessert eater, and I give Tripp crap because he rarely wants any...well this month I am going to take a page out of his book and try to cut out the extras...I will allow myself a piece or two of dark chocolate (mainly because I received a boatload for Christmas, but also because it is a healthful sweet).
          • Take care of myself mentally
            • I have been holding a lot in lately, many small little things - that on their own aren't too big of a deal, but bottled up - create a meltdown down the road (trust me, last night I had one!)
            • Find out what I feel is "in a rut" and plan out a path to get myself out of the "rut"
          • Don't Wait, Just Do: I need to make a conscious effort to finish things or get things done in that moment - instead of flagging an email to answer later, just sit down and answer it!  If you get a missed call, call the person back instead of letting it wait until later
            • I am hoping this will help me feel less stressed, more accomplished, and more clear headed.
          I am pretty excited for my goals this month, I think some of them might be made into year-long goals, but for right now, I like the breakdown.  I believe that I can achieve almost all of these, if not all within this month - I am actually most afraid I won't keep up with the Food Journal - it is just so hard to remember to document everything I eat!

          So you like to look at goals in a long term or shorter term approach?

          There are some big goals that are better suited for long term, but for the most part, I like to break things down into more attainable tasks.

          Are you good about getting things done right away, or are you a procrastinator?

          I am the worst procrastinator, and I don't know why I don't just get things done when I think about them, instead of later when I have a million things to do!


          1. these are some great goals and very inspiring to me as well! i have been cutting out sweets starting this new year as well...i am SUCH a dessert eater and it has already been tough but i know it will be good for me to know i can do it! hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

          2. Good luck with the Hyannis Half! I did it last year. It was fun although a little snowy, but we've been having better weather this year.

          3. It is never fun to feel like you are without purpose. What if you tried volunteering somewhere at something you are interested in? I have been trying to cut the sugar too! I can just tell that it just doesn't do good things for me! Good luck with all your goals!!! I will have to cheer you on in Hyannis!! My 20 miler is the weekend before so I probably won't be running!

          4. I totally know that feeling. I think it's best to just try not to define yourself by what you do, what you're not doing....easier said than done but I feel like your purpose comes with age. Eventually when it comes doewn to it we all have purpose, it's just that society favours only certain ones ;)


          Thank you for keeping up with Happy, Healthy & Strong - I love to hear all of your comments and feedback!