Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Motivations - no Brainers :)

Workout Today: Ran 7.75 miles (total) in 1:12:25 (9:20 pace)
I hope everyone had a very Happy New Years!! Hello 2012! Tripp and I rang in the New Year with several of our friends and had a fantastic evening! I will post some of my holiday pics tomorrow, but for now, a little workout motivation for this holiday Monday!

I had a friend help me make this decision today, especially when the wind was blowing up to 26 MPH! I layered up nice, and ran out to meet up with friends for a great run!

So what path are you going to choose today? Get out and run today (or cycle, walk, roller-blade, swim, lift....move!!) Because you will be happy you did once it is finished! Start this New Year out on the right foot!

Did you make any resolutions yesterday?


  1. i love this! and i love that i was part of your good decision making today. even if there were flurries and blustery winds!

  2. I needed this chart I am currently on my 3rd rest day in a row *blush* I'll go tomorrow! I promise! :D

  3. hahha i love love this. how was your run on saturday? so sad we could not meet up! round 2 maybe this weekend. are you coming to Wellness DAy?

  4. i love that poster! makes you think twice about motivation. Right?!


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