Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Motivations - Reason #2034982098 to Run

Running is just you, the work you put in, and the clock. You can't cheat yourself. If you don't put in the miles, you can't go to the starting line thinking you're going to pull a miracle out of nowhere. You get out exactly as much as you put in. 

Desiree Davila 

Couldn't have put it better myself!! You get out, what you put in - so why not get some quality training in today!

If you have one - do you start your workout schedule on Saturday, Sunday or Monday?

I usually start it on Sunday, just because I feel like that seems like a fresh-start to the week - but my marathon training ran on a Monday - Sunday plan...

Are you routing for Desiree on Saturday? If not, who is in your bracket :)


  1. i've always done monday-sunday. mostly because i do my longer runs on the weekends so i like to feel as though it's a culmination of the week's progress. it makes me feel more accomplished, or something :)

  2. Oh Desi! Way to say it! I would say Monday...When I was marathon training I had Sunday as my rest day and Saturday as a long run because as a teacher Monday was anything but a rest! Again that was before I had my no day is a complete rest!

  3. Great motivation. I always start my new training week on Monday. I'm not sure why but it is just what works for me. Definitely following the trials this weekend. eeek so exciting!

  4. I always do mine from Sunday-Saturday. I think I just started that way because my log book week begins on Sunday.

  5. I start my running week on Mondays.....I should look and see how Daily Mile does it since I just joined it.

  6. I NEED TO HANG THIS ON MY WALL!!!! love love love! cant wait to watch/follow the trials!!!!


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