Saturday, January 14, 2012

No Sweat Review: I Know You Like to Think Your Shhh Don't Stank...

So a couple of months ago, I won a pretty smelly  awesome giveaway from Miss Katy, Fit In Heels - ok, the giveaway wasn't smelly, I was, and the giveaway was a means to cure the workout stank from my gym/yoga/running clothes.  NoSweat laundry detergent to the rescue!!

Well in the process of getting hooked up with my winnings, I got into a conversation with Shawna from NoSweat, and was offered the opportunity to be one of the NoSweat amabassadors (apparantly she could smell me all the way from Toronto!).  After reading a bit more about the product and the company, I graciously accepted, sending my schweaty workout tips and tricks to her for my profile (if you are feeling particularly curious, you can check out my profile HERE).

I couldn't wait to try out my first load of dirty clothes with some NoSweat thrown in, as I have a few pieces from LuLuLemon that are supposed to have the "anti-stink" properties in their fabric, but they still had a slight tinge of sweat from multiple runs, spin classes, and hot yoga sessions.

I mixed a tiny bit of my normal detergent with about 1.5 oz. NoSweat (it is recommended that for normal loads of workout gear and everyday clothes, you should use 2 oz. NoSweat and for heavily soiled clothes use 1 oz. NoSweat mixed with normal detergent), and my clothes came out bright and odorless, I was happy, so I did another load with the recommended 2 oz. - and again bright and stank-free - sold!  I honestly think that smell-wise, the recommended 2 oz. NoSweat alone works better than mixing the partial NoSweat and your other detergent.

The site offers a few good laundry tips for washing workout clothes and keeping then as effective, bright, and pill-free as possible.  I know sometimes it is hard to decide whether or not to dry workout gear, will it be soft enough with air dry, will it ruin the gear with the dryer? I thought they were pretty helpful, especially for those new to working out and new to working out in tech-gear/spandex/etc...

Useful Laundry Tips1. No Sweat works equally well on its own or as a laundry deter-gent booster to eliminate embedded sweat and deodorize all your clothes. For very dirty or muddy clothes, it is best to use No Sweat in addition to your regular deter-gent. 
2. Wash your gear on cold and air dry. It’s good for your clothes and good for the environment. 
3. Use No Sweat on it’s own to treat gear as gently as possible. 
4. Gear pills as it rubs other laundry in the washing and drying cycles. To prevent pilling, throw your gear in a lingerie wash bag then add it to the rest of your laundry 
5. For best results with pit stains or ring-around-the-collar, apply No Sweat directly to stains and let the product soak before washing.
Yes, that is correct, NoSweat is also a big help in taking out stains, such as those yellowing armpits of your favorite workout T's and tanks - and some of the testimonials even mentioned it being great for oil and other types of stains encountered in day to day activities!


  • Highly concentrated, so you only need a little bit per load (up to 2 oz.)
  • Comes in natural and citrus scents, so nothing to powerful to distract you or make you nauseous while working out
  • Works to keep clothes odor-free
  • Affordable - $0.23 a use (for the bulk 4 x 2.95L case - 375 uses)
  • Availability:  It is available online, but only in bulk (4 bottles/case) - you can get single bottles on amazon and in select yoga studios/gyms/bike shops/running shops/etc... - but the bulk deal is the best option financially.
I hope you guys will take a moment to check out the NoSweat site, why the product came about, testimonials (beyond mine of course ;) ) and ambassador stories.

**I was given this product free of charge from NoSweat, but all opinions and reflections are my own entirely.
Do you use any type of detergent specific to sports and activities? 

I have heard of Tide's detergent with fabreze sport - but I have never tried it myself

Do you need to use the "free" (no scent) detergents?

My mom used to buy them for my clothes because I tend to get a lot of environmental allergies, but now I just buy what's cheapest at Costco :) I am really excited to get back into some "free" clothes washing with NoSweat!


  1. I dont do anything special for my workout clothes. My detergent does the job, or at least no one has told me it doesn't! :)

  2. omg. i dont do anything special for my workout clothes because i didnt know there was anything to do...but i have ONE shirt that always smells like i just wore it to the gym no matter what! i need this for that thing! haha! thanks for the review i have never even heard of this product!

  3. i use the tide with febreeze and it seems to do the job but now i'll definitely pay more attention! thanks for the review!

  4. Woohoo congrats miss ambassador! That's awesome.

    I love the smell of Gain laundry detergent, I love the smell of my apt when I'm doing laundry.

  5. Oh I am jealous and happy for you at the same time. Would love to try some of this as there are lots and lots of workout clothing loads of laundry done here every week!

  6. I just switched to Tide with Febreeze today! I haven't used it yet but I was using a lower cost brand and felt I was using so much extra soap. With two runners in the family and a preschooler I feel I need an extra punch for cleanliness! And now with me running every day, it can get pretty stinky by the time I do laundry!

  7. That sounds like some pretty cool stuff!!!! and I would've loved this back when I played hockey - for whatever reason I could never get rid of that smell

  8. I remember that giveaway -- i need to try this product!! My bf's gym clothes are THE WORST!!


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