Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Motivations - Once Upon a Time

The End...

Today is a day for believing to get moving...I went to the Dr. for my wrist this afternoon and came out with this lovely brace...

Yes, I got an upgrade from last week's brace and this one is beyond difficult to type, text, do anything productive with...and I have 3 weeks to master it :)  The Dr. told me that my tendons leading into the wrist area (thumb-side) are intertwined, which is something he sees very rarely, but is not terribly serious - which is the positive piece - there is no fracture and the "misplaced" bone they had mentioned, is actually just a lip where my growth plate closed.

I need to wear this brace for at least 3 weeks, and after 3 weeks of immobility, he thinks the tendons will calm down and return to normal placement, but if the swelling and pain persist, I will need to do therapy and potentially a cortisone shot.

So for now I am cursing my keyboard, and trying to figure out if I am going to run the full half marathon with this thing on, or just deal with the pain for just under 2 hours.  I am thinking I will do the latter, just because this is heavy and I don't want to disrupt my gate at all with a messes up arm swing, and I don't want all of my energy to be wasted keeping my arm swinging and supported.  I am allowed to run, and to take this off when I shower and such, which is an amazing positive as well.

This really puts a hinder in my yoga classes (I had 4 more to Karma to use up before March 1st!) and a Barre  class I was going to try (I bought 3 classes to be used by April 1st).
Have you ever had a wrist injury? Did you keep running/working out?


  1. That is quite the heavy duty brace! I agree it seems like it would be bulky to wear for the half. Do you think you could wear the old one or just use an ace bandange? I hope you heal up without needing any therapy or shots!

  2. this sucks. sorry so negative, but I hate not being able to move my wrist :( I hope you get better soon.Great that you can run :) and great attitude Danielle xoxoxo

  3. Oh no girl I am so sorry to hear this. I am really hoping the brace isn't too bad to get used to and once you do it will be okay. I'm not sure what I would do about the half but I would definitely take it easy and use it as more of a tempo workout. There is no reason in pushing too hard with the wrist injury.

  4. Aw man... Hey, look at the bright side of things! You can get your way out of SO MUCH now. Just tell people you can't do things because your brace won't let you ;) All jokes aside...I hope that it heals fast and that the three weeks are all you need! I would still run the race (without it) and just have fun. Don't shoot for any crazy PRs!

  5. I pinned that poster. Love it! Thanks.

    I have never had a real wrist injury but I did have hand surgery once and I had to lay still in bed for 2 whole weeks afterward. Yikes! Good thing the winter Olympics were on tv and broadcast during the day so that I had something to do.

    I would ditch that brace for my run too, I think. Sure hope it does work for you though.

  6. oh wow! sorry to hear about this friend! i am not sure that i have had a serious wrist injury before...maybe a sprain? i hope that this solves everything! and i would definitely have to run without it...i sweat too much and that thing would probably be crazy gross after! haha!

  7. i say its smarter to do the 1/2- aside from pain, I think it would be HOT to be wearing it for around 4 hours while sweating. Hope for a speedy recovery

  8. I love that poster too. Hope your wrist recovers soon! I would think you could keep running.


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