Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Motivations -

I am tired today and I have been having a slight issue with my wrist for the past week (i know what you are she ever healthy?) but I honestly kept this latest pain in the ass wrist quiet, because I was embarassed to say anything.  The good news is, I can still run and spin and do anything with my lower body, my hips, knees and ITB are feeling back to normal, and I am still able to type (which is nice, since I haven't posted since last Thursday and even lost a follower in there - maybe it was a Giants fan?).
awesome brace that makes pulling up my pants, doing my hair, and outfit coordination oh so fun :)
I had X-Rays on Friday and the Dr. called to today to tell me that a. they couldn't distinguish if there was a small fracture of the radial bone or not and b. they see an anomaly with my bone placement - so I am in a thumb/wrist support brace for the next week with an appointment to see a wrist specialist on Monday.  It's either a bone issue or some more awesome tendon issues (like THIS, which is impossible to pronounce and only re-iterated the fact that my body is older than I really am).  This means no yoga (which is bummer because I was already looking forward to my Journey to the Core yoga on Thursday evening) and no upper body work this week - which stinks, because I always feel out of balance if I am continually working my legs and not showing any love to the arms.  I can however still do crunches and planks on my elbows, so it doesn't mean my whole workout has to suffer!

So with that said, I am going to head off to do a little recovery run from my 5-mile race yesterday and an hour long spin class - to try to find some abs under the chili, chips, buffalo chix sliders, cupcakes and beer from yesterday :)

On a side note: Superbowl food can be enjoyed for the rest of the week in a healthy fashion, which is a bonus!
Leftovers for lunch this week - don't mind if I do!
My first (and successful!) attempt at a Turkey Chili (all clean ingredients), a half an avocado for some healthy fats, and some romaine leaves (I filled them with avocado and chili for a fun chili Boat!).  The only little cheat was the cornbread - no it isn't clean and I am pretty sure it isn't anywhere near healthy - but it turned out amazing and is even better with chili juice all soaked up into it :) Makes this sad day in New England a little brighter!!


Did you watch the superbowl? What was your favorite commercial?

I loved the Best Buy commercial, where they bring out the creators of all those tech must me the closet techy in me :)


  1. Hope your wrist issue is nothing serious and clears up fast. Bummer to miss yoga. Yay for turkey chili--love the chili boat idea!

  2. YUM!!! that looks yummy...unfortunately i have not thought of any healthy ways to incorporate leftover queso into my meals yet ;) friend i am so sorry to hear about your wrist! hope it heals quickly!

  3. i watched at my house with a few of my friends since i was apparently not allowed at the PATS PARTY. it all worked out for the best since the giants won :)

    i really loved the m&ms commercial. all in all i wasn't that impressed with the commercials this year :(

    i hope the wrist feels better soon. i'll start working on that insulated bubble for you.

  4. Boo to your wrist!! I really hope it isn't anything serious and you can get back to yoga asap! I know what you mean about not feeling balanced. I like to work all areas or it just feels out of whack for me too!!

    I love making boats with lettuce leaves! Such a yummy and healthy meal!

  5. I hope your wrist feels better soon! I hurt mine once punching someone (in a sparring match, not a street fight) and it was a pain to work around for workouts!

  6. Oh no I am so sorry about your wrist. :( At least your lower body still works right. :) The food all looks delicious and yum turkey chili sounds so good. I think your cheats could have been much, much worse. :)


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