Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super 5-Mile Recap

This past Sunday was the Super 5-Miler, put on by RaceMenu over in Cambridge, MA.  It was called the "super" 5-miler (I assume at least) because it took place on Superbowl Sunday.  It was also a portion of my 9-mile long-run for the weekend - nothing like almost 1000 calorie deficit going into Superbowl Sunday shannanigans!

Saturday night, I had a filling and energizing meal at our friends' house, who were both running the race with me the next morning! We had some great food, some fantastic wine (hydration?) and awesome conversation.  I was in bed by 11:30, and set the alarm for 7:45 (It was a 10:30 race start).Although I would have rather laid in bed, than get up and get ready to run 9 miles in 24 degree weather, I got up, made a filling breakfast (with some coffee to perk me up a bit) and relaxed a bit reading emails and watching TV.  Around 8:55 (I had originally planned on leaving the house at 8:45) I decided it was a good time to get dressed :)
banana oatmeal, coffee, and water (of course)
All suited up in long tights, tank, long sleeve, and jacket, hat & gloves (too much for a race?), and after first forgetting my watch and running back upstairs, then my ipod and running back upstairs, then my sunglasses and running upstairs - I was sufficiently warmed up and on my way out the door by 9:20ish...whoops...

I had about 3.5 miles to run to get to the bib pick up, and meet up with J, Ashley and Tim (the couple who's house I was at the night before) all within 25 minutes.  I made it just before 10, but at a much quicker "warm-up/long run" pace than I had originally thought about doing. I was a little nervous of how that would affect my final 5.5 miles, but I quickly squashed that thought when I got to the race, chugged a complimentary Powerade Zero, picked up my bib, met up with everyone, and had 30 minutes to stand around and freeze.  I was just going to take off my long sleeve base layer (and just keep the jacket), but in a last minute decision, I decided to keep all layers on, and I am SoOoO happy I did - I didn't warm up again until part way through the race, and even then it was still frigid when you hit the shade!
Ashley and Tim
By the time the race started, my fingers were painful, but my legs were still pretty loose (I continued to walk around and stretch while we waited for the race to start - and there was a heated tent we could hang out in prior to and post-race).  The race started at 10:30 on the dot, and I had told Ashley and Tim, I would be running with them for as long as I could, so as to not be tempted to "race" the race.  I stuck to that plan and chatted with Ashley until our first bigger downhill around mile 2.25, at which point I threw caution to the wind and picked up my pace, taking off - I blame it on my competitive bug I tend to catch now and again.

The next couple of miles were pretty uneventful, except for almost getting hit by a car pulling out of a parking space along the course.  The course was an open (meaning none of the roads were closed) course, and for being one in a city area, I was extremely impressed with how organized and safe it felt (minus that one little incident).  There was a water stop at mile 1.5 and probably around 4 (there were no mile markers, I was going by feel and where the 5k finish was located).  I didn't stop at either, as it was so cold, I was afraid it would be less than desirable to drink the water (I had licked my lips at the beginning of the race and immediately regretted doing so, as they promptly began to freeze).  However, the moment I was out of reach of the second water stop, I immediately regretted not stopping for a small cup...for the rest of the was like a wall of cold/dry air hit me and I immediately felt fatigued, dry mouthed, and freezing!  I only had one more mile to go though, so I powered through, knowing there was only 7-8 minutes left in my race.

Even though the course was a pretty simple out about 2.5 miles on one road and back the rest on a second road...I got confused at the ending and thought the finish line was close and pushed my finishing stride...only to have to extend that push for another block and a half or so (around a corner).  I finished pretty strong given that it was technically my 8.5th mile, had my name called as I finished (love that!) and continued a slower jog out .25 mile and back to finish up a full 9 for the day.
Happy to be done with my workout for the day, and just noticed how telling the guy's blue shirt is behind me...
"Follow me to the Beer" haha LOVE it!
I met back up with Ashley and Tim who finished right behind me and had a great race, and was able to snap a great picture of J as she ran in for a strong finish herself!

Post-race was a lot of fun, there was a live band all decked out in Pats gear (whomp, whomp, whomppp) and an entire wall of the (heated) tent filled with local beers (Same Adams, Long Trail, and Notch?) as well as some Magners cider.  I waited in the daunting beer line to claim my complimentary plastic RaceMenu "Super 5" pint glass and a German Saisson that I loved from Notch.  We all de-briefed with our drinks about the race, and then headed our own ways.

All in all, it was a great race - very well organized (RaceMenu is phenomenal at throwing races), a new PR for me (seeing as I have never raced a 5-miler before), and a successful long run in the books!).

Super 5-Miler
February 5, 2012
00:38:58, 7:48 pace
F19-29: 42nd place

And for your viewing pleasure...I leave you with this gem...

I believe that is me trying to smile as they called my name?
Have you ever raced a 5-miler before? 

I really loved the distance, but it could be because it is a very familiar distance for me


  1. i have never done a 5 miler but totally tried to convince my brother to do one back at Thanksgiving due to the instant pr :) he said something about not being ready and made me stick with the 5k. boo. haha.

    this race sounds like SO much fun and definitely well organized! you ran awesome and pushed through a lot! great job friend!

  2. Looks like to much fun... what a competitor you are!

    I am happy that you didn't get too cold. Nice that they had a heated tent.

    Great way to burn some PRE calories and earn those good eats.

  3. Great job! I've never done a 5 miler before but I believe it's a distance I would really like.

  4. way to go lady!! i love that distance too. Post race beers are the best. GF that is.

  5. Congrats on a great pace! I've never run a 5 miler but I'd like to.

  6. Um seriously girl you freaking rock!! Nice speedy pace for an easy controlled race. I think this is a great indication that you are really improving as a runner and very exciting things lie ahead. :)

  7. I've never raced a 5 miler but I'm doing the Race to Home Base in May. It's a 9K that ends at home base in Fenway. Loved the shirt on the guy behind you...I would have totally followed him the whole way!

  8. I do a 5 mile race every 4th of July and it is one of my favorites. It hurts but it is one of my favorites. Nice race especially in the middle of your long run. I have the hardest time not racing a race. :)

  9. solid pace for almost being hit, freezing and such :)

    I haven't had a chance to do a 5 miler, but think that and a 10 mile race would be fun!


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