Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I Love Wednesday, Karma Yoga Studio

So, most of you know me as an athlete who enjoys running, boot camps, field hockey, and basically most high intensity workouts - so I was the first person to stick my tongue out at yoga and swear I would never go - why would I waste a quality 1.5 hours stretching and breathing loudly in a room full of people doing weird movements all around me.

It seemed like a strange past-time that I just could not relate to.  That was until last winter, you remember the one, where most of the US got slammed with snow storm, after unrelenting snow storm? I am a commuter, which meant if I wanted to get to and from work each day, I was sitting in traffic, or driving white knuckled hoping I didn't get in an accident (which I did anyways - it was minor, and a slight tangent).  I would come home distraught, upset at every one around me, stressed at work and in my workouts.  So, I talked to a friend of mine and she talked me into trying yoga with her.  Both of us are runners, and have similar ideas of working out, so I said sure - why not...

The first class I went to was a hot yoga vinyasa class - all levels welcomed.  I fell into appreciation for yoga that evening, and I haven't turned my back since.  I have even branched out into non-heated yoga (although with my runner's joints/muscles, I enjoy the heat aiding in my relaxation and stretching) and restorative yogas.
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I keep going back to this one class though, Journey to the Core Yoga, offered at Karma Yoga Studio (their South End location).  It is taught by this amazing woman, Mary - who seems to just give your body grace with her words.  She is seriously one of the only instructors I continue to go back to, and I continue to trust my practice with.  Her classes are always packed, as there are many college students in the area, and Karma has always offered some of the best deals for packages around the city - but she always remembers her regulars and makes sure they have a spot in her classes.

With my injuries during marathon training, I found relief and calmness through my practice at Karma, when I was upset I couldn't run or go to bootcamp - I would make sure I made it to yoga that evening to help myself appreciate what my body can do.

Post marathon, I took a little hiatus from Karma, from yoga in general - I took a step back from a lot of workouts and enjoyed time with friends that I had to give up during training.  Just recently I picked back up with Karma, and I can't tell you how satisfied I felt leaving that class...oh wait, I did on DailyMile...

I am so excited to be back at this studio with my Journey to the Core yoga sessions, and looking forward to trying out a few more of their rest and relaxation classes as well as their other two studios (I did a restorative class a while back that was divine for my legs and back)!

FOR MY BOSTON READERS (and those in surrounding areas)
Karma is currently running an amazing deal for the Allston and South End studios--unlimited yoga for $55/month, which is the lowest price one can find for yoga in all of Greater Boston right now (I can vouch for that!).  With this deal, yogis can start, pause, re-start or cancel their unlimited yoga pass whenever they choose.  

I was contacted by Natalie over at Karma Yoga Studios, and those of you that know Karma, probably know that they offer a lot of those Groupon type deals for class packages, but in 2012, they will not be running as many of those daily deals with Groupon, Living Social, Gilt Groupe, etc. Therefore, they want to make sure that everyone knows about and can take advantage of this current offer, which is limited to the first 250 yogis who sign up. So Go check out their SITE HERE to sign up!

I know I am going to take advantage of this amazing deal, and make a promise to myself to keep yoga a piece of my weekly workout schedule for a happy and strengthened mind and body.

**I was provided this promotional info from Karma Yoga, but the opinions and stories are all 100% my own.


  1. thanks so much for sharing your love of yoga on here! i am always so skeptical but think it would be so great for me if i would just commit to it!!

  2. Ah I wish I lived there so we could do yoga TOGETHER!!!! Seriously I need to do it and stick with it for life. I keep meaning to but it's so dang expensive. In the end, it's worth it because of what it does for us runners!! It's key for injury prevention for sure. Since I got a treadmill and a few other pieces of gym equipment for my house, I am considering cancelling my gym membership and becoming a member at a yoga studio instead!!

  3. I love yoga too! I want to join a group and do I only do it alone in front of my tv not very zen :P


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