Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Motivations - Smile....

I have been dealing with a lot lately - a layoff, the subsequent job search, some personal things and this ever-lasting head/chest the reminder to smile today is beyond welcomed and I am going to think of all the things that make me smile daily, and have made me smile bigger than words in the past.

Things like finishing my first marathon (and hoping not last), which Julia reminded me of this morning...
In the spirit of smiling and having fun...I have also signed up for Amanda's new 30-day challenge, to have FUN

So I am going to remember to smile, laugh and just have fun - because there will always be challenges and negativity, but the strong persevere and overcome to find the light.



  1. You are going to rock your marathon and I love this positive attitude you have, all things considered :)

  2. yes. the strong DO persevere. so true. and that pic. i really do love it. the genuine happiness on your face in that moment. you have so much going on now...i know. and think of you often...but dont forget that there are moments like that in your past...and ahead in your future :)

  3. So happy to read your post today. Glad you are hanging in there, keeping your spirits fired up and planning great things to look forward to as well... :)

  4. yeahhh we are gonna laugh our tushes off in April and make all kinds of things better :)


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