Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Motivations - Where have you been?!

Where has motivation been hiding for the past couple weeks? It seems that as soon as I finished the Hyannis Half Marathon, I completely lost motivation to run, go to the gym, blog, cook, do much of anything productive.

I would say this is also due to a bit of depression on my part, with the lay off and the job search, I am sitting home most of the day, not wanting to go out much, so as to not spend as much money as normal.  As I sit around I have the whole day open for the workout: hitting up the gym - going for a run - taking a walk, but I rarely end up doing any of that.  I am no longer training for any races - although I do have a 5k this Sunday that I am running with Tripp and some other friends, I spend most days alone, I am slowly becoming more of a couch potato, less of me.

The less I workout, the more unhappy and unhealthy I feel, the more unhappy and unhealthy I feel, the more lethargic I become.  It is horrible cycle and painful truth to accept.

Not all has been so negative nancy though - I have had a few interviews, an offer, and a few more interview lined up.  I have made many connections with past coworkers, friends and family members, but I still cannot get my booty off the couch.  This week, this all changes.  I am going to make moves this week to get back on track.

I will make a training schedule, I will get back to healthy, normal eating, I will stop cheating on my No Meat March (more on that in another post).  I need to get back to not only be motivated, but back to respecting myself, my abilities, my needs.

Monday: Run to gym, core class (30 min.), spin class (60 min), run home - 2.2 miles total
Tuesday: Run with J. - 5 miles
Wednesday: Back on My Feet Run Group
Thursday: Spin Class & Yoga
Friday: Back on My Feet Run Group
Saturday: Rest/Yoga
Sunday: St. Patty's Day 5k - South Boston

This is just a starting block, but I need to get back on the healthy train - and hopefully by sharing this with all of you, I will be held a bit more accountable - I am actually off to get ready for my run to the gym as soon as I hit publish!

I can't be depressed because of the events of the past month, because in all honesty, it was an opportunity to start over, to rediscover my passions and motivations - and I am going to start to embrace that starting today, because everything happens for a reason...

What is great motivation to get you back on track?


  1. you know what i think would help? running eastern states on the 25th. that's half selfish because i'd love for you to run it too, but mostly it's a beautiful course and i think you'd really enjoy it!

  2. signing up races helps keep me motivated! I feel like when I'm between cycles I get lazy and want to just sit on my behind and drink wine. And when I don't workout, my eating habits go down the drain, and it's a bad bad cycle for me, too


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