Thursday, March 15, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Boston Organics, Days at Home, and No Meat?

Happy Thursday everyone! Almost to the end of the week...almost! I am pretty excited for this weekend, as it is St. Patrick's Day weekend, which means lots of friends, good food/drinks/fun and even a race! I will be running the South Boston St. Patrick's Day 5k on Sunday morning with Tripp and our friends Jon and Tori - post race we will be getting our part on back at my place and catching the tail end of the infamous South Boston Paddy's Day Parade!

I will let you all know how that goes, but for now, a little bit of what has been going on this week!

1. Boston Organics: If you have heard of CSAs or crop sharing programs, this is not exactly one of those, but rather a delivery organic produce service.  I can choose to receive a box of either global or locally sourced produce in the form of all veggies, all fruits, 50/50 freggies, 40/60 freggies - all organic.
my 50/50 organic freggies box
I spend upwards of $30 a week on freggies, and almost always choose them based on what is on sale.  This price does not include organic produce, it is mainly your run of the mill grocery store stalk.  When I saw a freggies box for $29/wk or $29 every other week for ALL organic, and I wouldn't have to stress about choosing what I wanted that week - my ears perked right up!  I chose the $29 50/50 box, every other week (although after the first delivery, I might have to change that to weekly), sourced from where ever they were bringing it in from (as locally sourced right now would leave me with mostly just root veggies - not that I don't love those, but I wanted some variety) and for my first delivery...variety I got!
 I received broccoli, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, beets!, two types of oranges, apples, pears, kiwis, bananas, and romaine lettuce
I haven't cooked with beets in a little while, so I am excited to try one of the recipes they included with my box for beet and quinoa salad!!

2. Days at Home...are pretty boring to be honest.  I know I have mentioned how in a funk I have been and feeling depressed.  I am a very extroverted person, so to sit at home solo without much human interaction, first sends me anxious and then into a quiet depressive mood.  I get to be always tired, sluggish and unmotivated.  But this week I have vowed to turn that around, and I have been making  a lot progress! To take advantage of the nicer weather (70s two days in a row!) this week, I decided to take my inbox and lunch outside on Tuesday.
Loving the natural lighting!!
I have found it is really nice to just breath fresh air, have some wind hit your face, and squint to see your computer screen in the sun...oh, just me on that third one?
red curry lentils and quinoa w/ some bubbly water and lettuce cups on the side! Yum!
I experimented with a curry recipe on Monday night, when I had time to myself all the way until 9 PM!! I had a bit of cabin fever and wanted something warm and spicy to match my also made spectacular leftovers (that I finally finished today at lunch!) - Red Curry Veggies w/ lentils and quinoa - delish! I have been serving the leftovers with some of that organic romaine I received from the Boston Organics box!
3. No Meat? Oh yeah...I was supposed to be doing a No Meat March, huh?  Well I am happy to say that I stopped cheating on Monday, and I have been No Meat since...I attended a fundraiser and food show this weekend, both were full of delicious foods and several meat options.  The meat options were so appetizing and the events were once in a lifetime (or in a long while) so I made the conscious decision to cheat on my No Meat March - then I was feeling horrible Sunday and Tripp got sesame chicken take out, and I cheated again...fully aware I was cheating.

I honestly felt horrible on Monday - too much alcohol, too much food, too little sleep, and a heavy heart that I couldn't stay dedicated to my current meatless challenge.  I decided on Monday to work on cleaning my diet back up (and with the exception of some irish drinking indulgences on Sunday), including alcohol, meat intake, the works...

It has been noted on here, so I have to do it...right? :) If not, I will undoubtedly feel horrible again, because I am not letting myself down, but I am being untruthful to you guys if I keep cheating.

I am off to shower and get dressed for a fun (thoughtful) night out with some great girls, before the sears guys come to change out our washer and dryer in a little bit!

Are you (or have you already) running a St. Patty's Day race? How long? Are you dressing up?

Do you eat lunch outside when the weather is nice?

It is such a great dose of Vitamin D and I need to remember to do it more!

Do you get a CSA or produce delivery service?  


  1. I just picnicked at the park W/my youngest yesterday and I have a feeling we'll be back at the playground after school today. So beautiful! Good luck w/your race! I've got a half on Sunday.

  2. I love beets!! I recently tried them in a fruit/veggie juice and they were so yummy! You need to share your recipe. That bowl of goodness looks too good to be true!

    I need to eat outside more. It is definitely much more enjoyable, especially with this amazing weather we've been having!!


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