Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Motivations

This little baby will hopefully be helping me get my photo-taking mojo blogging has slacked a bit lately, not because I haven't been doing exciting things, or because I just sit on my - blogging is a lot about bringing life to my pictures for me, sharing my healthy living pieces through words AND images.  For far too long, I have been neglecting my baby point n' shoot and slacking on my posts as a result.  

When I don't have pictures to inspire my words or to capture my important/special/excited moments, I find it hard to post anything too exciting. 

My older sister just bought the above camera in December and then luckily won the T3i from a canon sweepstakes - so she offered to sell me her very slightly used T2i.  I am very excited to receive this package in the mail and get my photography mojo back in working order, so I can liven up my posts and share a bit more of my life and knowledge with you all!

What kind of camera do you own?

If you have an SLR, how long did it take you to learn the ins and outs (or at least how to take a decent picture in less than 5 minutes of fumbling around with settings)?


  1. I owned that bad boy for 90 days and luuuurved it!! You will get to know it very soon:) I returned it because I want it's older brother (sister?) the Canon 5D Mark II (YES PLEASE!!)

  2. Oh my gosh, your sister is such a freakin' lucky duck!!

    I would LOVE to have a fancy SLR camera, but I haven't gotten around to picking out out, so I just use my crappy iPhone camera.

  3. I just got a very similar camera in the mail today! (I just found your blog today and was like, are we the same person?!) Anyway, my brother has connections with a guy who runs a camera shop, so they were able to swing me a sweet deal on a T3i. I'm so excited about it--and excited to play with all the settings! All the DSLR cameras have an auto setting and auto focus, so they work just like a point and shoot if you want them to--not like a film SLR where you kind of have to know what's up. Figuring it out beyond that it's too difficult; I'm sure you'll be fine!

  4. eeeeekkkkk!!! sooo dang fun. im not very intelligent when it comes to cameras so i stick with simple but my bro has a nice one and takes the best pics. super excited for you!!

  5. I'm so jealous! I have a Nikon D3100 and I still don't know how to use it.


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