Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One Year Ago Today...

I pressed Publish on my first post...which ironically was titled "Horizon Hunting".  Why is this ironic you might ask, well I have come full circle in the past year and I am once again hunting for that next horizon...the next adventure...the new challenge to push me to my limits.

Horizons are a funny can try your hardest to get to that line...and then realize it extends even can make it to that second line, and see again, that it continues to stretch a little further.

This time last year, April 18th, as I hit publish on my first ever blog post, I was riding the high of a new and exciting position at my company, had just watched a record breaking 115th Boston Marathon with a new-found passion to race, and race hard, I was gearing up for my second relay race experience, and I was searching for my own (and first) 26.2 to enter.

Well...I did finish that relay, and our team really excelled

That marathon? After 8 weeks of injury pre-race and little to no running - I finished smiling in under 4 hours

That job? Well it didn't pan out as well as the team expected and I am now one of the 8% - but hey, everything happens for a reason, and I just know the next big opportunity is around the corner.

Oh, how so much changes in a year...but how, at the same time, it can feel so similar to the previous year, and the one before that.

My physical horizons haven't really changed...I still want to get that BQ, and even more so after my experience pacing my friend Chris during Monday's brutal "Boston Boiler" Marathon, I am looking for the next adventure outside of straight racing (perhaps a triathlon of some sort), and I am looking for a new career.

I want to find that sweet spot of passion and reward, I want to wake up energized for my job and my training...this is my new horizon, which isn't entirely new I suppose, but a new expansion from the horizon I tackled last year.

Thank you all who have followed along, and who are just jumping in...hope you will all be here for the (not-so) terrible twos :)  The blogging community is an incredible network and I happy to have found you!

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  1. Danielle - I am so proud of you :) and I love your marathon pics but that one of you hoping over the finish in the relay is amazing!!!

    I am so happy I found your blog. I remember it was right before you made that shirt for your marathon and I made a lame comment about writing some play on words that involved a marathini ;) lol

    So glad for your accomplishments and I can't wait to see where the road takes you :D


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