Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meet the Luna Chix Boston Run Team 2012!

So you may know by now that I run with the Luna Chix, Boston Run team.  It is a fantastic group of women organized by the Clifbar & Co. to get women out and active, while spreading awareness for the Breast Cancer Fund and spreading the Luna Bar love.  There are teams all over the country covering running, mountain biking, cycling and tris - Boston has a mountain bike team, as well as us runners.
Team Luna Chix Boston Run 2012 - minus Paige and Kelli :(
I am so excited for this season, as we have made some changes to our usual Wednesday runs, and are really working on expanding our reach.  We have moved our starting spot to the Crossroads Pub on Beacon St. in Boston - it is close to the Esplanade where we run, it gives a secure space to keep bags and purses, and a great spot to socialize with water, luna bars and beers post-run!
Having some fun with captain Jessie :)
We have already held our first clinic, a run form clinic hosted by Olivia Lord and Nicole Pisani of Balance Multisport.  It went pretty well despite a bit of rain towards the tail end.  The clinic covered proper form while running, stride-checks, and some exercises/moves to improve run form.  We are so thankful to Nicole and Olivia for traveling down from Maine for the event, and especially the women who were able to attend and share in the success of our first big event of the season!
We also had a drawing for a free pair of Ahnu Shoes, an amazing partner of Team Luna Chix, I assisted Cynthia while she chose the winner!
Cynthia with the lucky attendee who won a pair of Ahnus!
The goodie bags for the clinic leaders and the attendees!
Not only do I love running with these ladies and meeting all of the women that come out to the Wednesday evening runs and our other events, but they are a really good time! A couple Fridays ago, eight of the ten of us got together for a BBQ in order to snap some great new team photos - there was awesome food and some great beer and wine to toast to a great season to come!!

Tomorrow evening is our sixth run of the season, and yours truly will be one of the leaders!  We have a four-mile loop and a 3-mile loop, that start at Crossroads Pub, crosses the Mass Ave. bridge and loops around towards the Museum of Science.  It is a scenic and enjoyable run along the Charles, and hopefully the weather will hold out!

If you are in the Boston area, you can check us out for event info and the latest news/announcements at our Facebook  page, sign up for our weekly runs at our newly created Meet-up Group, and follow us on Twitter!

I urge you to check out the Team Luna Chix site to see if there are any groups in your area! Getting involved with this group has been a phenomenal experience and I look forward to several more seasons!
Are you a member of a running club/team, or have you run with one?

Any good ideas for more run clinics to throw? Maybe some clinics you would want to attend or wish you could attend?


  1. You guys look like some tough cookies!

    I haven't run on a team before, but it sounds like a great way to have constant support and encouragement.

  2. I WISH! but alas there are none in Canada. Seriously why do we suck so bad :( I really want to be on your team. looks so much fun and you look great Danielle!

  3. How fun! Looks like everyone had a really great time.


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