Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shades of Green

I had the chance to get home this weekend to help my little sister Taryn get ready for her first prom night. She is only 16, but was asked by a senior a few weeks ago to be his date, so I had to document, of course!

I am so in awe of the gorgeous young lady my youngest sister has turned into.  She chose a fabulous green dress, some pretty silver heels, she did her own make-up and I had the opportunity to help her with her hair.

Stunning in Shades of Green...
I am so happy I was able to go home and support her and catch some of the beautiful moments for her. Here are some images of her before heading out to the prom!

Diva ;)

The gorgeous corsage  

Her hair (I was really proud of the pearl hairpins - I made them myself!)
Adorable prom dates!
Mama and her baby

A wear my sunglasses at night...

I am still getting used to the new camera, so the shading is way off, but it was so fun to use the continuous shot and have much sharper images than I am used to taking! I think she made the pics look good no matter what though, so that is all that matters.

She seemed to have had a great night at the prom (and after party...), so I am glad I was able to get home to capture her before she left!

After we saw her off, my mom and I got in a 5 mile run around town and then my parents and I went to a lovely Mother's Day (Eve) dinner at a gem of a restaurant in one of the small towns near to my home (The Gill Tavern) I had a fabulous pear and duck confit salad, with two glasses of a chenin blanc white wine, and we all got the flounder special (we ran them out of stock!! The waitress wiped it off the specials board after putting our order in!).  It was a great day/evening with my family and I was happy to see my mom, as I had to get back to the city on Sunday and she had to work, so we couldn't hang out on actual mother's day.

Did you go to prom? What color dress did you have?

I went to two senior year, each a week apart, both with my ex-boyfriend (we had broken up the week before, but still had bought our tickets and were still nice to each other) - I wore turquoise to my school's prom and hot pink to his :)

If you have a fancy camera, how did you learn all the bells and whistles? I am still semi-stuck in auto-mode!!


  1. I was so embarrassingly awkward in highschool.....but your sister looks amazing!! It must run in the family ;)

  2. absolutely gorgeous! and so wonderful you could be there to share in the fun:) it is so crazy to me to watch but then also to reflect on the wonderful people that my siblings are becoming! crazy how time flies and we are all growing up so quickly! haha!

    good luck today friend:) thinking of you!

  3. Lovely! So happy you could share it with her and your parents. Beautiful pics all around. You all look so much alike!

  4. my junior year i went to two proms - my boyfriend at the time, and one of my best guy friends. neither were my school's prom. my senior year i wasn't dating anyone so i asked one of my guy friends and actually had a ton of fun.


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