Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ÜBER Excited About these Bars!!

So I have been pretty busy over here with a couple of weddings, job searching, workouts, trips, and friend/family time.
Jessie (friends from home) was married on May 18, 2012
Allison and Matt (friends from College) were married on May 27, 2012 
So when I received this lovely package in the mail the other day, I literally leaped across the living room and into the kitchen to bust it open!

Inside I found an adorable little bag filled with four different Larabars.  Not your average, every day Larabars, but new, grainier bars,ÜBER bars.

The flavors I found inside were all delectably titled with the names of some of my personal favorite desserts, which only added to my anticipation to tear each package open!

There was Cherry Cobbler, Bananas Foster, Roasted Nut Roll and Apple Turnover.  Being a big fan of the apple pie classic Larabars, I clearly dug into the Apple Turnover flavor first!
 The nutrition facts are very similar to the original Larabars, which is the reason I didn't dig into them all right away, but the interesting thing was how similar the ingredients are to the original bars.  The only major difference is the addition of brown rice flour, which is due to the fact that these bars, are as I mentioned before, a little grainier than the original bars.
Visually they are closer to a Kind Bar, but texture wise they are a little softer and stickier than a Kind Bar.  The flavors are out of this world!  The apple turnover was sweet enough to be dessert, but had enough salty balance to satisfy my snacking mood.

There are chunks of apple and raisins mixed in with the nut chunks to give the bar a nice mouth feel as well - so if you disliked or steered clear of the originals due to texture, I would recommend giving thÜBER bars a chance - they are a great transition from typical granola bars to a more nutritional dense alternative, such as Larabars.

I had the chance to try the Roasted Nut Roll flavor this past weekend and it was as delicious as expected, but I will admit I had to eat it in two settings.  The bars are very filling, and although the sweet/salty balance is nice, it can be a lot to get down in one sitting (I ate mine throughout a 3 hour car ride).
Finger licking good, let me tell you!
If you have not tried these bars yet, I highly recommend checking them out next time you spot them.   ÜBER  bars get two thumbs up from me, and that is coming from a dedicated Luna Chick :)

Has your spring/summer been busy so far?! 

Have you had a chance to try the new ÜBER  bars, or seen them around your local stores?