About Me

A little about me...

I am a born and raised New Englander who really hates winter, except for the first snow, for the first hour or so. Eventually I will be moving to a warmer climate (think sun, sand, magic), but first I need to get some things straight up here in Boston.

I am loud, energetic, and moody - especially when I don't get to move around and expend my energy, or when I haven't had my fill of snacks for the day yet.  I usually take care of the moods with runs or chocolate...both valid and acceptable in my book!

Newport, RI Half Marathon 2010

I am an absolute sunset addict, which is why I will most likely move west at some point to be closer to my beloveds.  Friends and Family are very important to me, and occupy much of my time outside of working and working out (which they occasionally are with me for).  

Acapulco, Mexico 2011
I also think I am a major foodie (I will try just about anything, but my loves are in fruit, veggies, wheat/grainy bread and dessert :)) and a large piece of my heart dedicated to vino, traveling, and the beach.

I am a Bentley University graduate all the way - received my BS in Marketing, minor in IT in May 2009, and then returned (more like never left) for my MBA, graduating in May 2010.  I also played Bentley Field Hockey all four years, seeing Final Four (be it Division 2) play 3 of those 4 years, which was pretty phenomenal to experience.

I have been an athlete my whole life with a rough breakdown of:

  • 12 years competitive gymnastics at Greenfield YMCA
  • 10 years competitive field hockey
  • 6 years competitive track (pole vault was my specialty - thank you gymnastics)
  • 2 years competitive road racing (new found love)
  • 2 torn ACLs, 1 torn and 1 sprained MCL, 1 torn LCL, and torn meniscus in each knee - meaning arthritis for me since age 13 :)